10+ Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Curtains Decor Ideas

best modern farmhouse living room curtains decor ideas

The presence of home curtains not only plays an important role in maintaining the privacy of residents, but also to add value to the interior aesthetics of the living room. The selection of home curtains should be adjusted to the dominant color of the interior or usually uniform with a pillowcase motif.

This time we will give you a farmhouse living room curtain idea that many people like. Immediately, see the following idea!

1. Home curtains with spiral motifs

Home curtains with spiral motifs can look harmonious for the family room. A simple red spiral line with a golden background and simple furniture selection such as a three-seat sofa and a coffee table can represent the red and gold colors in the furniture in the room.

2. Gradual colored house curtains

Gradation colors that had become a trend a few moments ago turned out to be applied also to home curtains. Because the colors are already attractive, the shape of the curtain does not need to be complicated. Soft gradation colors that you can use are blue-white, beige-white, or yellow-white.

3. Gray house curtains

Gray house curtains are very suitable for use in interiors. So that the atmosphere of the room is not too dark, you can combine this gray curtain with a sheer curtain. During the day, use this sheer curtain to adjust the amount of sunlight that enters the room.

4. Home curtains with a combination of 2 colors of fabric

Using 1 fabric color will feel boring. Therefore, you can combine 2 colors of cloth that are placed alternately like curtains that use white and green. But, make sure you use cloth made from the same material.

5. Elegant home curtains

Thin curtains of this house actually look just the same as curtains in general. The color is often found in many homes. However, this curtain binding technique that forms an arch makes it look more elegant, natural, and classy.

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