10+ Cozy Decor Ideas With Bedroom String Lights

Just moved to a boarding house, or a new apartment, and feel your place is still too plain?

You might need to decorate your room a little!

Well, for those of you who like room decoration, you must be familiar with String Lights?

What are String Light?

String Light are long strings of which are hung by small lights. Usually often used on Christmas trees.

Besides being used as a Christmas tree decoration, these lights are also now often used to beautify the room.

Decorating a bedroom with String Lightis indeed one of the easiest ways to bring the room to life, because you don't need to paint the walls of your room or add furniture.

In addition to its affordable price, String Light also give a warm impression, making you calm and comfortable, so it's no wonder that String Lightare popular for bedroom decoration. Installation is also easy.

Bedroom Decoration with String Light, Create a Bright Room Atmosphere, here are some ideas for you to smile sweetly:

1. Pasted on the wall and combined with photos

If you enjoy appreciating the moments in your life by printing a polaroid photo, you can display it, you know, with your String light.

Besides being a simple decoration but still beautiful, a string light with a photo that depends can remind you of the beautiful memories that you passed in the photo.

2. Put in a clear jar

Don't have much bedroom for your String Light? You can put it in a clear jar.

This clear jar you can use as a substitute for a lamp on the side of the bed, you know, as a variation! 
Simple, right?

3. Attached vertically on the wall

Sticking the string light vertically on the wall will make your bedroom look more cheerful, feel like sleeping surrounded by fireflies. Just try it!

4. Formed into one word

Shaping the String Light into one word is also one of the variations in the use of String Light so that your bedroom looks more alive.

You can buy super long String Lightand form them into words that you like, which describe you very much.

5. Arranged in a glass frame

If your bedroom is small, but you have glass, you can arrange a String Light on the frame of your glass, so there is a wide effect.

In addition to brightening the bedroom, arranging String Light on the glass frame can also make your makeup more beautiful.

Every time you look in the mirror, there will be an impression that your face glows because of this String Light.

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