10+ Kitchen Organization Tips

Are you tired of tidying the kitchen every month because it's always a mess? Use these kitchen organizing tips from House Beautiful so that your kitchen, even the smallest one, can always be neat to make your life easier.

1. Use a folder to store bottles

The folder that is usually used to store these documents can also be used to store bottles so they don't get scattered about and take up space in the cupboard. This folder can also be used to store canned foods so they don't fall over.

2. Separate cooking utensils based on their use

So that you do not get confused when going to cook, save cooking utensils based on uses such as the photo above

3. Use the shelf wherever you can

Put the iron shelves in the cupboard and wherever you can because you can maximize the storage area by creating tiers.

4. Use baskets everywhere

Baskets can add storage and prevent your kitchen from looking cluttered

5. Keep the gauges hung behind the cabinet

Instead of having to disassemble the entire contents of a drawer to find a measuring device when trying to cook, why not hang it behind the cupboard?

6. Create additional vertical storage in unused rigid corners

Rigid areas, such as the area next to the refrigerator, can be used as a storage area for kitchen spices and other small items.

7. Use a swivel tray

Swivel trays, or lazy susan, are saviors of small places. Use the rotary tray to get additional storage.

8. Give all food labels in the refrigerator name

To make your life easier, be sure to place the label facing outward like in the photo

9. Stick the kitchen ingredients in the refrigerator

You do this by attaching a magnet under the seasoning bottles, give a name tag on each bottle, then stick the bottles in the refrigerator.

10. Store snacks in a bar cart

You can use a bar cart that has these wheels for storing snacks. Save the bar cart in the kitchen, then you just have to push it into the living room when there are guests coming.

Which tips do you like the most?

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