18 Amazing DIY Makeovers You HAVE To See!

amazing diy makeovers

Budget constraints often become obstacles in the effort to decorate a residence to make it more attractive to look at with the help of professional consultations in the field of architecture and interior design. However, a few years back there was a trend that allowed residential owners to beautify the interior of their homes independently.

This trend is known as DIY (Do It Yourself). In accordance with the term, the owner of the house or apartment can make accessories to complement the beauty of the interior without the help of others. The uniqueness of DIY also requires homeowners to maximize existing items and turn them into something that attracts attention.

Here are tips for DIY interior decorating that you can easily apply yourself :

1. Use a sponge to make a leaf motif

You can present natural nuances to the interior with just the help of a sponge and a little imagination. First of all change the color of the entire wall with dark green paint first as the base color. After drying, use a sponge to apply a pattern to the wall resembling the shape of a fern leaf with a lighter green color motion paint coating to liven up the atmosphere.

2. Combine the LEDs and tree trunks into lights

To add to the uniqueness, you can try to present interior lighting elements using the help of tree trunks and acrylics. First, Prepare a small LED bulb mounted on the wall. Second, cut the trunk of the tree which still has leaves in two, connect back using cylindrical acrylic. Position the position of the combined tree and acrylic on a small pot. Position the transparent acrylic tube so that the back of the LED is appropriate and has sufficient light bias.

3. Design portable furniture for the family room in the apartment

To deal with the limited space in the apartment, you can start designing a portable hanging table that can also function as a storage rack. Place it on the wall that separates the room and make the table as a divider between the living room and your workspace so that it results in a neat and minimalist arrangement. Make sure the color selection you choose is not too far from the interior hue when it was first designed, so it can melt sweetly.

4. Choose a color combination that can present the spirit

To add comfort in the apartment, you can decorate a family room with paint colors that can evoke enthusiasm, such as a blend of blue and earthy palette. Complete the room with neutral furniture, like brown.

When you've finished playing colors, start laying out your workspace. Keep the workspace in your apartment unit near the window. The diverse views of the city, as well as the trees can add a calm atmosphere.

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