20 Awesome Details Bedroom With Amazing Decoration That You Will Love It

Awesome Details Bedroom With Amazing Decoration That You Will Love It

 The bedroom does not have to always be a place to sleep. You can apply crazy ideas to make your bedroom an extraordinary place. The bedroom can look 'crazy' because of several elements, ranging from the color of the walls to the arrangement of furniture.

Here is the crazy idea:

1. Dark and extraordinary paint

Paint colors easily change the boring bedroom atmosphere into a great look. The trick, choose one color of paint that is smooth and tends to 'normal'. Then paint to all walls, but leave one side.

Then choose a bright and bold color, but it must match the color scheme of the room and the paint on the remaining walls. This one wall will be the focal point (focal point) in the room. On the wall, you can give a whole color scheme.

In addition, you can also use paint in other parts of the bedroom. Paint the ceiling of the room with bright and beautiful colors, or paint the room list with striking colors.

Or you can also paint the entire room, starting from the walls, floor and ceiling, in one bright and bold color. Try red or black. You can also paint a picture of a window on a wall without a window, or paint the night sky on the ceiling.

2. Settings

Include your furniture arrangement in the bedroom crazy plan. You can create a bedroom atmosphere like in a dormitory. Lift the bed and place it on the sofa or dressing table.

Another idea is to place the bed and other furniture in the corner of the room, facing towards the center of the room. Although this makes the corner of the bedroom more narrow, in fact this arrangement makes the room look bigger.

Another way to place the bed in the middle of the bedroom. Make sure there is only a bed in the middle of the room and no other furniture. The only furniture in the middle of the room will create a minimalist atmosphere.

3. Themes

There are other ways to have crazy rooms. Think about the theme, and then apply it. You can choose the theme of the restaurant, with decorations in the form of bars along the walls and checkered bed covers.

You can also use a nautical theme, paint the walls as if they were the hull of a boat and place the bed in the corner of the bedroom. Then make a line decoration on the wall in the form of a row of wine bottles.

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