42 The Best Small Bathroom Decor Ideas With Farmhouse Style

the best small bathroom decor ideas with farmhouse style

Touches of decoration such as carpets, mirrors and candle holders can make the bathroom feel more connected to other parts of the house.

However, the best way to make a bathroom an extension of living space in a home is the use of furniture in accordance with the concept of a farmhouse home.

One of them is the use of antique cabinet in the bathroom for a farmhouse style residence.

1. Bathroom with bucket sink

Try searching for a modern sink called a bucket sink. The concept is an old sink, but widely used by interior design lovers. Combined with a variety of wooden furniture, then realized a vintage farmhouse-style bathroom that is not the market.

2. Bathroom Gray-blue color

Blue has many gradations that are free to suit your style and desires. The predominance of gray-blue or blue with a touch of gray on the walls, looks very suitable when combined with interior elements made from wood. This one is the right color for those of you who like a farmhouse interior.

3. Bathroom with a barn door

Some things are more rural and inspired by agricultural crops than barn doors. The bathroom of this modern farmhouse with Peace Design has a large sliding barn door, rough and unfinished wood, exposed brick walls, an elegant touch with a vanity marble top. Thanks to wood everywhere, this bathroom feels very harmonious and calm, reasonable in nature.

small bathroom decor ideas

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