47 Simple Workspace Office Design Ideas

Simple Workspace Office Design Ideas

Before the millennium era, office interior design was still bound by the rule that workspace must look formal. However, the stiff and monotonous impression on the office began to be shifted since the emergence of large digital companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. They showcase modern offices that inspire office interior contractors to present more creative and colorful designs.

Not only in terms of aesthetics, workspaces with modern designs are also able to increase productivity and change the way employees look at the office. Modern office space is generally not too broad. They are more colored with a minimalist design touch that puts simplicity and elements that function optimally. Here are some room management ideas for those of you who want to create a new office with a modern minimalist feel.

1. Use Bright Color Domination

Bright colors are easily combined with a variety of other colors. Bright color choices can make a roomy impression on the room. For walls, use colors that suit your business. For startup businesses, for example, suitable for using warm and cheerful colors. Bright color applications can be carried out on walls or furniture. So that the color combination looks harmonious, first make sure what concepts you will apply.

2. Maximize Mirror and Glass Functions

You may place a large mirror on the wall. May also make a mirror as a divider between one room with another. The nature of a mirror that is able to reflect light on the wall gives a broad impression in the room.

If you use a glass wall on one side of the office, it can be used as a substitute for white board or blackboard. In the workspace, a blackboard is very important as a means of supporting presentations or meetings. However, a large blackboard is very space consuming so it is better replaced with a large glass. There you can place a carton to record the results of an ongoing meeting.

3. Select Tiered Shelf for Document Storage

Company-related documents and office projects must be stored in an easily accessible place so they can be used at any time. To avoid wasting space because of the large file cabinet, you can provide a separate file space. Place a multi-level shelf inside to store documents. The use of multilevel shelves can reduce space requirements and make space more attractive.

4. Choosing Simple Furniture

In conventional office space there are usually separate sets of tables and chairs for employees. Large and heavy desk with wood color, it should be left behind to give a modern and minimalist feel in your office.

You can take the example of Industrial design that provides a large area to encourage productivity and cooperation between colleagues. Using metal with a combination of green areas in strategic places makes the Industrial modern design attractive to modern workers.

Choose a table with a touch of more creative style by placing a long table that is pressed against the wall. The long table can be used with several employees. To divide an area and provide a little privacy, make a divider between sections. This long table makes space more efficient and comfortable for employees.

Besides the table, choose other flexible furniture. You can buy it separately, not necessarily directly a set. For chairs, pay attention to the ergonomic side so that comfort is maintained.

5. Efficiently Divide Office Space

Create a workspace that is efficiently divided. For example, separating the room for documents for photocopying and storage of office equipment. For narrow office space, there are generally untapped corners. For example, at the bottom of the stairs. If it is sufficient, you can place a work desk there. Decorate with attractive decorations, so it looks more alive. In general, an office interior contractor can give you an idea of   a more efficient division of space for you.

6. Using Simple Decorations

Minimalist offices need to be equipped with minimalist decorations too. Although the decoration is made of luxurious materials, try to be able to produce a simple impression. Decoration in the form of wall hangings or canvas posters with motivational words, can increase daily productivity.

You can mimic the design of a modern office in medieval style. This design presents the concept with a minimalist silhouette, natural shapes, and fine lines. If you choose to use wallpaper, choose one that is minimalist in style and not too thick. Refer to your chosen office interior contractor for advice.

7. Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can be obtained from glass installed in the room. Use a mirror to reflect light so that the office looks roomy, and brighter. Good lighting not only increases productivity but also prevents employees from getting tired and headaches.

Most minimalist offices use chandeliers with simple designs. The use of a chandelier will produce a more spacious impression in the room. Choose a minimalist light that best suits your office interior design concept. Hanging lamps on the ceiling also have the advantage of an artistic design that does not interfere with work in the room.

8. Create a Comfortable Room

Room comfort can be obtained by presenting a moderate temperature in it. Not too cold, try to approach the normal temperature of the room to increase productivity. Make sure the air circulation in the room smoothly.

Make the most of the side window of the room. Side windows are generally used in offices in high-rise buildings. Besides making the room look spacious, the workers' mood inside also gets better because they can see the view outside.

For added convenience, provide air freshener with aromatherapy. For example, the scent of pine, cinnamon, and lavender. Placing living plants will also help increase comfort in the room.

Creating an internal office design with some of the ideas above, should be done before the office was created. If you don't design it from the start, it will be a bit of a hassle, and need to make a lot of changes to adjust. Choose an office interior contractor who can provide consultations before a room design agreement is made.

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