Around the Home: Laundry Closet Makeover

Almost every residential area has an area that is used for washing clothes (laundry room). The presence of the service area will certainly help residential owners to clean the clothes of family members.

With the right arrangement will make your personal laundry room at home becomes functional, organized and comfortable.

There are times when limited land in a minimalist home, an obstacle for residential owners presents an ideal and comfortable laundry room.

Therefore, property owners must be smart to get around the problem by making various structuring steps appropriately.

Quoting from the Goodhousekeeping page, here are 5 decorative tips for creating a functional laundry room at home.

Install more hanger bars

The key to maximizing each land in a minimalist residential one of which is to use the side of the ceiling or ceiling as a place to hang goods.

This method can be applied to a small laundry room at home. Install more iron bars that serve as a place to hang wet clothes.

Use pegboard on the wall

In addition to an iron bar that functions as a place to hang clothes that are dried in the sun, also use the walls of the laundry room to put your washing furniture.

The trick is to use pegboard that is posted on the wall, so the laundry room can easily be organized. You can put a brush on the shirt in that section.

Present the counter table

You can bring a plywood counter, so you can easily fold clothes directly from the dryer with more counter space.

Use a multipurpose basket

Sediakam multipurpose basket for all needs in the laundry room. That way, you don't have to bother to look for a place to bring dirty clothes. You can also use the basket to accommodate clothes that have been washed clean.

Label the storage basket

The final step to get a functional laundry area at home is to label the storage basket. With these decorating tips, you can easily find items that are needed and will look more presentable.

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