Autumn's in the Air Fall Home Tour

autumn's in the air fall home tour

Because home designs with various types of interior design styles are of various kinds, what if we try to design to change the autumn atmosphere in the house? Like what are the typical elements that can be presented to make the house feel comfortable in the fall, the following inspiration:


Velvet or velvet is indeed close to the concept and autumn atmosphere. A thick velvet material with a distinctive texture will be very suitable to provide warmth in a cool autumn house design.

Millennial pink

Shades of pink are no longer considered a color for women alone. But the pink color is now prevalent to be used for all walks of life including in designing the interior of a house. And the pink color can also make the house feel like an autumn atmosphere, but choose Millennial pink tones.

The color of the Millennial pink is an edgy pink tone, elegant but also contains a warm side that characterizes the autumn atmosphere. Shiny shades that are owned by Millennial pink will blend harmoniously with the warm elements of velvet sofas or velvet carpet types that are presented. Additional sofa cushion that has various types of motifs is also added to strengthen the autumn atmosphere.

Hanging decoration

You also present a home design decoration that gives the atmosphere of autumn by hanging hanging decorations from branches of trees.

Aromatherapy candles

In addition to the familiar nuances of autumn decoration hanging from twigs of trees and warm elements such as velvet, you can also add it to the sweet decoration application in the form of aromatherapy candles. Aromatherapy candles will add to the warm atmosphere of the residence that applies the concept of autumn with a distinctive and fragrant scent.


Home designs with various types of interior design styles have now begun to be noticed in detail by the citizens. Various inspirations from print, electronic to social media magazines serve as a guide by the general public. And maybe you are one of them!

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