Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Off style on weekends? How about taking the time to change the atmosphere of the bedroom with a little makeover? give a new atmosphere to your bedroom, No need a big budget, really. Do not believe? Prove yourself! You must be more comfortable relaxing in the room.

Here's a cool idea for your guide:

1. Paint one side of the wall

Painting is one of the cheapest ways to makeover. After all, no need to paint the entire wall of the room, really, to change the appearance. Select only one side of the wall to highlight. After painting, display your photos on the wall.

2. Green plants in pots

Even if it's only in small pots, the atmosphere of your bedroom will feel very different. Fresh and lively. Fresh, because green plants produce oxygen and expel toxins from the room.

3. Color accents

If your bedroom is dominated by a certain color, say blue, add another color accent. For example, decorating brightly colored pillows for the bed or choosing a brightly colored chair to accompany the work desk in your room.

4. Display above the head of the bed

If you like paintings or other types of pop art, display them on the wall, just above the head of your bed. Although not large, the addition of simple but colorful decorations will bring a significant difference to the atmosphere of the room.

5. Hit color

Not only fashion motifs that may hit and run, room decoration can also, really. Just hit the color and motif in the room. For example, motifs with curved lines or turquoise with pink.

6. New bedcover collection

Add your bedcover collection. No need expensive. The important thing, the material is comfortable and the color is bright. Changing the bed cover once a week has a big impact on the atmosphere of your bedroom.

7. 'Detox' room

Get rid of objects that you don't like, even if there are sentimental values, such as a green frame spotlight a birthday gift from a friend. Instead of being covered in thick dust and only making the dressing table full, it's better to give it to someone else. Eliminating many unused objects will make your room feel more spacious. The room was like 'slimmer'.

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