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Is your living room so long and narrow that it looks like a bowling alley? Here are some tips for arranging furniture in a long and narrow living room to show a functional space that does not look like a tunnel.

1. Circulation area on one side

One of the main difficulties in arranging furniture for long and narrow spaces is the circulation area. One thing to avoid is placing a chair or table in the area so that it blocks your space.

The placement of the door and skylight gives the impression of space while emphasizing the circulation path, with furniture located on one side of the room.

Proper carpet placement can also emphasize a circulation area that is wide enough to let people walk on it. If the carpet is blocking half of the circulation area so you have to step on it when you have to pass, of course really annoying, right? If necessary, place a custom rug for this purpose. The circulation area is specially separated by the layout of the carpet and furniture, which adjusts the unique ceiling design.

2. Structuring the angle

Place furniture in an angular arrangement with the remaining space for the circulation area. This corner placement separates the special living room zone from the circulation area so that people will not pass around it. The glass panel window on the wall also gives a nice touch in a narrow space because it can visually change the shape of the room to be more spacious.

You can also place furniture at an angle. The door opens on the left and people are free to wander in the circulation area. Avoid adding too much seating so as not to obstruct the circulation area.

3. Perpendicular

The layout of the furniture perpendicular to the length of the room, with the remaining space for the circulation area so that it makes this room look roomy.

Placement of two chairs, plants and paintings at the end of the room helps limit the length of the room so that this room does not seem too long and boring.

4. Tilted layout

To reduce the impression like a tunnel, try arranging some furniture with a certain angle. This arrangement can limit the length of the room so it doesn't impress like a long, boring hallway.

Placement of a sofa with a certain slope on one side of the room will make the room look more spacious and not seem long. This principle also helps limit different functional areas.

Placing loveseat with a beautiful custom design, will help break the impression of the tunnel in this long living room.

Note the placement of the love seat at the other end. Besides creating a different functional area with the arrangement of two tilted chairs facing each other makes the room feel more spacious.

You can also apply the principle of sloping layout in the dining room. In a room that accommodates a sitting room and dining room, a dining table with chairs arranged on a slant can help reduce the impression of a long and narrow space.

5. The right choice of table

Maybe you don't have room for a round table. The rectangular table is perfect for narrow spaces so you won't spend a lot of space.

A small bench, ottoman, box table or short chow cocktail table is a perfect choice for a table in a narrow space. Note the use of ottoman bench that can simultaneously function as a table. This idea is great for all small spaces.

6. Outboard rack

Use the top of your wall to the maximum for floor space as a place for furniture. Place outboard shelves that are high enough and you can make use of the space underneath.

If you need an ordinary cupboard or storage rack, place it at the end of the room to prevent the impression of a narrower room. You can put a special tufted chair to relax or read.

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