Decorating with a Vintage Ladder

decorating with a vintage ladder

You all must know what the stairs function for. By using this tool, you can reach something higher than you. Whether to correct tile, install frames, and others. But do you know that the stairs can also be used for other things? If you have a used ladder that is not used, you can use this tool to make rustic home decor. Want to know the stairs can be used as any decoration? Let's see some inspiration that can be tried in this house!

1. Instead of a messy towel, you can use the stairs to put it

Generally, towels are only placed behind the bathroom door. Or stacked in a basket. If you don't have a place to dry it, you can use the stairs. Besides if you put it behind the door or in a basket, it can later be used as a hangout location by mosquitoes.

2. Shoes falling apart at home? Here's how to arrange it on the stairs

Usually the shoes are put in a special rack, and if the shoes are too much, it will splatter and make a messy place. That's why stairs can be very helpful for this problem. The trick is also easy, you just plug it on the stairs. But this is only for high heels. But if you want to store all kinds of shoes, you can use a folding ladder and love wooden boards.

3. You can also use the stairs to put various items to the plants

For this decoration you have to use a folding ladder type. With this ladder you can use to put various plants. But you need to add a wooden board, yes. This method can also enhance your home decor and can be placed in a corner or other strategic location in the house.

4. You can also decorate home lighting with stairs. This makes your home decor look more rustic!

To make this you need to hook the ladder to the ceiling of the house. Then the lights can be wrapped around the stairs. This is perfect if you place it in the dining room or location where the family gather.

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