Decorative Rustic Storage Projects For a Beautifully Organized Home


Keeping the house neat should be done by residents to feel comfortable. One way is to use the storage function as a place to put things neatly. Here are some ideas for storing your home:

Take advantage of Cabinets & Doors for the Kitchen

Use a cupboard that has lots of storage space. This will be fun for you who have a hobby of cooking. Because every shelf can be used to put ingredients and kitchen utensils. This type of cabinet has shelves that can be pulled on the sides, making it easy when taking materials that are stored, even if they are in the deepest part.

You can use the inside of the kitchen cabinet door to store herbs or recipes. If you don't want to store seasonings in that place, you can use the hidden area for kitchen utensils. Place small kitchen utensils that can be hung like a measuring spoon or a small teflon.

For cabinets with drawers, you can create a partition partition on the inside of the drawer. This is to make it easier to separate kitchen utensils according to their function.

Minimalist rack for industrial impression

The concept of industrial home is now increasingly used, and if you are one of the fans of this trend, it never hurts to try to add a minimalist shelf as a display cabinet in your residential space.

Usually this type of display cabinet will be made as minimal as possible, can be made of iron or black or brown oak wood. With enough space, this furniture can contain stacks of books, flower vases or other home accessories.

Sweet Shabby chic

For you who are a fan of shabby chic interior design, you should choose a display cabinet that combines wood and glass with a soft feminine color. Shabby chic decoration is synonymous with elegant and classic look.

The combination of white with wood is also often lined up as typical of shabby chic with the beauty of the past. Simply displaying some shabby chic decorations such as cups, plates or photo frames, the display cabinet is ready to add an element of warmth and comfort at home without having to sacrifice a lot of costs.

Wood or Iron Shelf

Don't just play it safe, you can also make the room look more presentable and attractive by choosing textured shelves like wood or iron. Install shelves with a different texture from the texture of the residential walls. If your residential wall material is wood, then you can install an iron rack to give it a different industrial touch. If the texture of the walls of the house is smoother, you can try to choose a slightly thicker material such as wood that still looks fibers. These tips can give a contrast and unique impression to the room.

Old Crates Rack

Do not immediately dispose of old crates that are not used. This wall shelf design idea can be a smart solution to recycle wooden crates. Simply by choosing which wooden crates are still good and decent, then you can start cleaning them and giving a touch of color to the crates of your choice. The casket will look new again and also more colorful for your home. After that, determine the location of the wooden crates on the wall of the house according to taste.

Shelves from old crates can look beautiful and give a different look to the home decor. That way, you have managed to take advantage of used items at home into something more useful.

Rack Under the Stairs

Instead of leaving the bottom of the stairs as a dead space, you can partition to become a stylish and elegant storage area. You can use measurements in this area for the required storage area.

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