Farmhouse Laundry Room

Are you among those who put the washing machine near the bathroom and do the washing in the bathroom? As for ironing you do it in the bedroom, family room even on the floor of any room in the house? And you don't have a laundry and ironing room that can provide many benefits? It's time you have a special room; laundry room in your home.

Laundry and ironing rooms are spaces that are often overlooked. Even though having a special room that you can use for washing and ironing clothes, can reduce the impression of mess and annoying washing machine noise.

With a minimalist design, the laundry room does not require a large room. Just prepare a little space or even you can take advantage of unused areas that may be available around the kitchen and or near the bathroom. Having a laundry room with a minimalist design, will be very helpful and simplify your work when washing and ironing.

Once again, designing a laundry room does not have to be large, you can take advantage of the unused area in the house. With room size of only 2 × 2 square meters, you can already have a laundry room and farmhouse style iron. The furniture used doesn't have to be fancy and expensive, like a set of washing machines, tables, shelves as well, irons. In fact you can also put clothes deodorizers, washing soap and other supplements in the room.

Laundy Room Design

The first step you must take when designing a laundry room is to choose the suitable area. You can put the laundry room and iron in the basement near the garage. The area near the garage is the most appropriate and appropriate position to reduce annoying washing machine noise.

However, if the garage does not have space available for the laundry room, you can try it near the kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, the area near the back porch is also very suitable for a laundry room, because it makes it easier for you to hang out in the back area.

Also pay attention to the layout of the room. The design of the auxiliary room should be easy and make you comfortable when washing and ironing.

Minimize Furniture Size

If you have a special large iron laundry room, it looks like the use of large furniture is not a problem. However, if the laundry room that you design is to use the remaining area, then make it minimalist. Limited space size, makes you have to act wisely when choosing furniture.

Choose a washing machine that has a dryer available. Consider what size of space you will allocate for washing machines and dryers. Use a washing machine that is not too big even you should choose the smallest. It is expected that the laundry room does not feel cramped and there are still areas left to move freely.

L Shape Room with Sink

If your room is elongated, then the L-shaped design, it is very fitting to arrange the furniture needed. On the shorter side you can put a washing machine and a sink. This sink serves to brush clothes that are stained and wash your hands.

For the other side, you can fill it with wardrobe, dirty clothes and ironing area. If you need extra large storage space, you can maximize every corner of the laundry room with storage.

Don't hesitate to ask for the help of interior designer services in your area to help design custom cabinets that fit the conditions of the room and also your needs.

Hide the Ironing Board

Space size limitations may be one of the things that make it difficult for you to organize your laundry room. Overcome this by using an ironing board and folding chair which if not used you can hide between the cupboards. In this way, washing is not disturbed by the presence of the equipment.

Complete the comfort of your ironing activities with a fan or you can even adjust the position of the chair so that it can face the television.

Laundry Room Design with Cabinets

Indeed, quite a lot of equipment and objects that must be arranged in a laundry room. Therefore, you need to put a closet in place to store your washing needs. In the cupboard, you can store all your washing and ironing needs. Ranging from detergents, fabric softeners and deodorizers, clothes bleach, brushes, irons, hangers, etc.

The use of cabinets with drawers at the bottom is also recommended. In these drawers, you can store other complementary needs, such as soap stock, deodorizers and others.

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