Fresh Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Kitchen backsplash is an area that can give a different look to the cooking area. Try to create with these 12 ideas, let's!

Backsplash is a wall that is directly opposite the kitchen table.

Not only serves to protect the walls from splashes of water, oil and other impurities, backsplash can also add a beautiful and aesthetic impression to the kitchen.

There are many materials used for backsplash, such as flash stones, ceramics and others.

Interested in designing a backsplash to look beautiful?

Some of the following ideas you can try to apply to get a more special kitchen look.

Unique & Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Bricks Backsplash

Want to show the rustic impression in the kitchen area?

You can be creative with the use of bricks.

There are several ways to apply it.

You can use brick or ceramic wallpaper.

If you want to renovate or build a kitchen, you can also use exposed bricks that are designed when you are going to build it.

So as not to appear stiff, you can also play with brick colors.

Use the preferred color and match the theme of the room.

Vinyl Backsplash

Wood always manages to give it a beautiful appearance.

You can also use wood as a decorative backsplash element.

In addition to beautiful views, wood material can also provide durability in protecting walls.

To apply it, you don't have to use real wood, you can also use vinyl material.

Floral Backsplash Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper will make the kitchen sweeter and more beautiful.

Especially for you fans of shabby chic style, then the use of floral wallpapers is the right choice.

The use of wallpaper can also save a budget.

Although relatively cheap, wallpaper can give the impression of luxury and beauty, compared to if it is painted plain.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Have a kitchen that looks luxurious using a marble backsplash.

Marble material will give a beautiful and luxurious impression to the kitchen.

In addition, marble is also strong, durable and easy to clean.

The choice of colors and motifs is also very influential.

Do not let the use of the wrong motives make the kitchen look stiff and boring.

Retro kitchen

Want to make the kitchen a place of nostalgia?

You can design a kitchen in a classic retro style.

Pattern selection is very influential in this design.

Choose backsplash that has unique and classic patterns to display a retro style.


Using a blackboard can also be an idea for kitchen backsplash.

This one interior will make the kitchen feel more modern.

Aside from being a protector from stains and dirt, you can also write a blackboard.

Family members can also write something on the board with chalk.

Like recipes, cooking quotes, dinner menus or even just funny pictures.

Geometric Pattern

Geometry is a pattern that displays both modern and traditional styles.

Lines and patterns become a trendy design element but also give a traditional touch.

Geometric patterns will add beautiful texture to the room.

You can use this idea to bring modern and traditional design styles at the same time.

Tile tiles

Classic and beautiful tile tiles not only used on the floor.

You can also use it as a kitchen interior.

Tile tiles are one of the interesting metarial backsplash.

Choose unique motifs and sizes and types that are tailored to your needs.

Tiled backsplash tiles will make the kitchen look more attractive.

Stone Material

Modern kitchens will have a natural feel with the use of stone as a backsplash material.

Choose a stone color that is tailored to the theme of the kitchen and surroundings.

You can also use beige or light brown colors like in the picture to give a warm and airy impression.


Don't want to be bothered thinking about the backsplash design for the kitchen?

Just apply a minimalist design on the backsplash.

Use backsplash with natural material such as stone or wood.

Don't forget to choose a neutral color to make a strong minimalist impression on the look of the kitchen.

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  1. Being a delicate and permeable stone, the marble is inclined to stains which are hard to expel. backsplash mosaic tile


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