Get the Perfect Bedside Table (Even If You Don't Have the Space!)

Bedside table is a small table located on the left and right side of the bed or in other words, bedside table. The size is not too high, tends to be parallel to the bed. Not only beautify the room, the bedside table is useful as a base to put items such as books, table lamps, clocks, and others.

Bedside table on the left and right of the bed does not have to be similar. You can adjust it to your needs. For example, you need a Bedside table that has three drawers, while your partner only needs a Bedside table in the form of an open shelf. So as not to be confused in looking for a Bedside table model, here are six ideas for designing a minimalist Bedside table that can be selected.

Minimalist three drawer bedside table with additional table

For those of you who like to put a lot of things, the presence of a drawer on a minimalist bedside table is something that is very essential. Three drawers that are present on a minimalist Bedside table can store all the needs you need before and after resting. Its size is large enough to be able to store goods in large quantities.

Another advantage you can feel is the minimalist Bedside table has an additional table that can be inserted and removed like a drawer. Use this extra table to put a book or put a glass while you lie on the bed.

A minimalist bedside table with two drawers and one open shelf


Unlike the previous one, this minimalist bedside table has a storage area divided into two parts. The left is two small drawers that can be opened to store items with small to medium size. Here you can store medicines, glasses, and a flashlight if at any time the house electricity fails. The right side is an open shelf that can be used to put favorite books.

A minimalist bedside table like this is suitable for you who like to read books before going to bed. As has been said before, this minimalist bedside table has a bookshelf. To make reading time more enjoyable, attach the chandelier above the minimalist bedside table so that the incandescent can illuminate you while reading.

Minimalist bedside table as well as a light sleeper

Not only useful as a base to put things, a minimalist bedside table can switch functions into a light sleeper, like this minimalist bedside table. The shape is in the form of a rectangular beam that is not fully closed. A light bulb is inserted at the bottom of the bedside table. When ignited, incandescent penetrates through the holes of the beam.

Minimalist bedside table without drawers

No need to have a drawer, minimalist bedside table can still be a storage area. Minimalist bedside table like this in the shape of the letter C box. At the top, put a table lamp, small ornamental plants, cups, and books that have just finished reading. So that you don't go back and forth to pick up another book, put a few books that you think you will read next at the bottom of the Bedside table.

Hexagonal minimalist bedside table

Who says a minimalist bedside table should always be a box? Break the boundary and use a minimalist bedside table with another shape. Minimalist bedside table with a hexagonal shape like this for example. Even though it looks complex, this Bedside table can actually accommodate a lot of things, ranging from books, indoor plants, watches, drinking bottles, glasses, to speakers for your smartphone. No need to worry, this minimalist hexagonal bedside table is small so it doesn't make your bedroom more cramped.

Minimalist one drawer bedside table

A minimalist bedside table like a drawer like this could be a solution for you who want to provide a more vibrant bedroom atmosphere while not looking cramped. If there is usually a considerable amount of space between the drawer and the base of the bedside table, then at this bedside table the distance between the two looks small, even almost none. In addition, the drawer shape has an accent that makes it more elegant.

Bedside table legs that look ladder makes an illusion in thebedroom so it does not look cramped. Bedside table foot iron shine adds masculine impression. This minimalist bedside table is suitable for you to use in a modern industrial or urban style bedroom.

Bedside table design ideas above will make your bedroom more filled and colorful. When choosing a Bedside table, it is better if you adjust the dimensions of the bedroom and bed used. This is useful so that you are not mistaken about buying a Bedside table. Come on, immediately select the bedside table of your choice!

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