Home Decor On A Budget You Will Definitely Want To Try

Planning to change the home decor, but you have a limited budget? Do not worry, rearranging so that the house looks better actually does not need to spend a lot of money. You don't always have to buy new furniture.

With a little initiative and creativity, you can take advantage of items that are already at home into a decoration that beautifies your residence. Even cheap items can be transformed to look more elegant and exclusive with a few modifications. Here are the tips, as quoted from Helium.

1. See What Items You Have

Instead of spending money to buy furniture and accessories to renew the arrangement of the house, better see first, what objects you already have at home. Too many items will only make the room look crowded and cluttered.

For example, a room with one large vase will add aesthetic value to the house, compared to five or six vases in a row. If your house is large enough, it might not matter much. But if the space is quite limited, the house will look increasingly narrow and 'disturb' vision. Browse the entire room in the house, including the warehouse and collect items that you value are quite potential to beautify the decoration of the room. After that, do the arrangement according to the desired concept.

2. Minimize Unused Items

Cause your home looks not stylish because of too many unused items in it. Prepare a large shelf or storage box and sort which items have not been used for a long time.

Save books, magazines, or novels that you have never read and put them in a box. But do not forget to include camphor or anti-moth and termite lime to keep the book in good condition. In this way, you provide free space for objects to beautify your home. The house also looks more clean and neat.

3. Place interesting objects as home decoration

If you find something interesting at home, but placed in a location far from the eye, immediately move the object to beautify the room. For example, a large red bowl stored in a cupboard, you can put on the living room table and filled with various kinds of ornamental stones. Or, if you find a black vase in the bedroom, move it as a sweetener accent in the corner of the room and add some flower stalks.

You can also collect dried rose stems, and arrange them in plain photo frames as wall hangings. There are still many ways to decorate your favorite home, without having to spend a lot of money. The key is one, be creative.

4. Mirror

Mirrors can make a big difference if you intend to change the atmosphere of the house. A large mirror can make the room look bigger. While the mirror with a frame color that contrasts with the color of the wall will give the impression stylish and unique. Or, if you want to bring a classic feel, you can choose a gold mirror frame decorated with carvings. No need to buy an expensive mirror, just choose a simple design, and you can create yourself by repainting or adding other ornaments to the frame.

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