How to Build a Pallet Wall

There are many, many ways to decorate walls. In addition to painting and coating with wallpaper, the interior walls of the house can also be enhanced by attaching wooden pallets to the walls. The result will look more modern and classy walls. Especially if around your house a lot of remaining wooden pallets scattered, this way will also clean up the messy scenery due to a pile of wood pallets.

Curious how? Don't worry, here we give the tips for you.


  •     Wood pallets with the amount according to the needs and size of the wall
  •     Plywood according to wall size
  •     Quality wood paint with a brush
  •     Screw drill
  •     Screw
  •     Sandpaper
  •     Saw
  •     Wood preservative liquid

Steps to make a wooden pallet wall

  1. Remove the wood in the pallet so that it is separated one by one. It is better to prepare a large amount of wooden pallets, because not all wood is in good condition. In addition, the process of removing nails will sometimes damage the shape of the wood.
  2. Clean the wood from the remnants of dirt, then soak it in a wood preservative solution. Do as directed by the application. Usually, this immersion can take days. Divide wood into 2 groups, namely small and large. This is because the size of the wooden pallets is not always the same. Later, the arrangement will be adjusted to this size. Small with small, large with large.
  3. Emery the wood palette until it is completely smooth. If necessary, cut uneven parts. Uneven conditions will make your wall ugly.
  4. Do painting and polishing. This is useful so that it looks better, and not easily weathered and attacked by termites. Wait for 1 day or until the wood is completely dry.
  5. Cut plywood according to wall size.
  6. Stick plywood with screws. The screws are installed at the top, middle top, bottom middle, and bottom ends. In this way, plywood is not easily separated.
  7. Install wooden pallets with screws horizontally. Wood pallets are arranged according to size. Arrange it from the top first, then down. The wood is installed like a brick, alternately.
  8. Adjust the installation to the presence of a socket and a light switch. Cut the part that is blocking the switch or socket.


  • Make sure the walls are completely flat, so that the installation of plywood and wood pallets can be better and flat.
  • For more unique results, give a different paint color to several wooden slats, then arranged randomly. The result is the wall will look more rustic.
  • Wood pallets can also be installed not to all parts of the wall, so that the surface of the painted wall is still visible.

Easy, right? You can do it yourself at home. Good luck!

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