How to Creat the Perfactly Oganized Pantry

How to Creat the Perfactly Oganized Pantry

The pantry room is a room that is used specifically for storing foodstuffs. Overseas, home design is always equipped with a pantry room, and currently in Indonesia itself has adopted many designs of this special storage space at home or apartment.

As a storage room, the arrangement in the pantry room must be done properly so that searching for foodstuffs stored in it can be made easier. In order to be more organized pantry room, see tips for organizing the following pantry room.

Choose Neutral Color

As a storage room, you should choose a neutral and bright base color. This will make it easier for you to find foodstuff that is stored in it. In addition, bright colors can also give a broad impression on a small room and filled with goods.

Use Transparent Containers

Containers or containers are usually used to store food to make it easier to organize on a shelf or storage cupboard. For this reason, select containers with transparent models so that you can easily find the food that is being sought. You can also add labels if needed.

Take advantage of the Pantri Door

If the area of   the pantry is not too large, then you need to make the most of every available space. One of them is the pantry door. By adding a hanging rack you can get additional storage space behind the door.

Evaluation Every Week

As a food storage room, then you need to make sure that every foodstuff stored in the pantry is in good condition. Therefore, set aside a special time to clean and check the expiration date of food ingredients in the pantry.

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