How To Create The Perfectly Organized Pantry

Unlike the kitchen, pantry is a special room that functions as a place to store cooking utensils, food ingredients, and even a place to prepare ingredients before processing.

Derived from the French word paneterie, pantry is usually not very large in size. On average, the pantry will only take up a minimum of space with a door to maintain the quality of the objects it stores. Loaded with a variety of objects, from a collection of cooking utensils to cooking ingredients, tactics and methods for storing all these items are needed. Just follow 12 brilliant ideas to organize a pantry room at home!

1. Choose Neutral Color Paint for Pantry

The shape of a small pantry will look increasingly crowded and stuffy if you are not careful in choosing the color of paint in the pantry room. Cover with neutral colored paint, for example white, gray or cream. These cool colors have a reflective nature, aka brighter when illuminated by lighting.
Additional tips for an increasingly beautiful pantry look are by choosing baskets, racks, jars and other storage that are also of a similar color. If this is not possible, try to keep the colors close together so the pantry looks neat and clean at all times.

2. Take advantage of Transparent Containers

Especially for food, it's easier if you save cereals, flour, sugar, and other food ingredients in the original packaging. But imagine how irregular the pantry will become at home. It is better to move each food item that has been purchased in a new row of jars or containers that are uniform.

You are also encouraged to choose transparent jars or containers because they are easy to find when needed. In addition, labeling also makes it practical. Don't forget to make a note of the expiration date of each ingredient, just put it on the lid of the jar and keep it updated every time you fill it.

3. Enable Side Door Pantry

Siasati room pantry by also utilizing the door. This vertical room can be installed with various hooks, hangers, or shelves to store various additional objects.

Because of the nature of the pantry door which is often opened and closed for access, avoid placing burdens that are too heavy or light. The side of the pantry door is ideal to be used as a place for cooking tools as long as the total weight of the object that is hung does not obstruct access to the pantry.

4. Hanging Rack Installation

If the pantry has a narrow, elongated room, the right solution is to install the rack wall to the maximum in the pantry. Put objects that are rarely used on the top shelf, for example cooking utensils that you only take out at certain moments. Instead, put the ingredients used every day on the lower shelf.

5. Present Drawers

Pantry is generally dominated by shelves. If you have a large enough pantry room, consider having drawers that open and close easily.

These tips will be quite effective because many materials are commonly piled up and must be removed immediately. So rather than these materials being displayed and blocking other access, store them in a cupboard or cabinet rack to maintain their quality.

6. Pantry Floor Cleanliness

Often you will find pantry floors that are congested with objects. Ideally, the pantry floor under the shelves is left without goods, or at least becomes a multifunctional storage area. Use a trolley that has wheels attached. Every time you have to clean the pantry floor, just slide the trolley.

7. Create Different Zones

Pantry may be small, but still must have proper storage procedures. Create zones in the pantry by sorting and storing according to the function of the object. For example, keep all the cake equipment in one corner, pack kitchen spices in a bamboo basket, or make a special snack hanger to welcome the children home from school.

Proper pantry planning should also start from the zones that suit your needs. Position food items in front so they are easily accessible and store non-essential needs in high or deep locations.

8. Use Pegboard for Kitchen Equipment

Pegboard is a hanger board made from plywood which has holes. If mounted on the wall, then the pegboard can be a place for hangers without requiring you to install nails.

Pegboard is generally available so in general stores in different sizes. The material is sturdy and the design is efficient, making it a container hanger for kitchen utensils. Use the pegboard as a holder for pots, pans, cauldrons and various other cooking utensils.

9. Don't Forget Pantry Angles

The corner of the pantry rack is often abandoned, but that doesn't mean you have to leave the pantry rack corner useless. Cover with a container or tray in the shape of a circle. A round tray with a swivel wheel is also ideal for cooking spices.

10. Stroller Smart Pantry Solution

Still need storage despite maximizing the entire pantry room? It's time you bring a mini stroller or trolley that is often found in the living room or home kitchen. Fill it with objects that are often used in the kitchen. Thanks to the wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another, this train will be an additional storage pantry that is practical and very helpful!

11. Steal Ideas From Things Around You

Need a special place to store canned food? Just use a magazine holder or archive container that is commonly found in offices. There is also a plastic shoe hanger that can switch functions into a kitchen spice organizer. Bored with small jars? Just use a round aquarium that is easy to store many objects at once.

12. Evaluate Pantry Every Week

The most brilliant organizing ideas also need regular maintenance to maintain the best appearance of the pantry. Don't forget to set aside time to clean, organize and tidy up the pantry at least once a week. Because the pantry is a storage for vital food ingredients for family members, you must do a quality check, check the stock and at the same time recognize the access and ins and outs of the pantry optimally.

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