Inspirational Modern Living Room Ideas that Will Always in Style

Inspirational Modern Living Room Ideas that Will Always in Style

Nothing is more fun than hanging out with loved ones in one room. Whether it's with parents, couples, or with children. In addition, the family room is often an important part of the house so it should be noted its comfort. Today, modern interior design models are increasingly being chosen, especially for urbanites who are newly married or have children.

To be able to display the concept of a modern living room, of course, requires careful design planning. Not only interesting to look at, but also invites a sense of comfort in it. The following are inspirations for modern Living room designs that you can try to apply at home.

1. Minimalism that invites coolness and comfort

Limited space does not mean uncomfortable. Although the living room has a limited area, the owner puts it together with a dining room that both uses Scandinavian-style furniture. The atmosphere is getting cooler thanks to the open space next to it which circulates air circulation into the room. Creating an atmosphere that makes residents more comfortable and comfortable to gather with family.

2. Design a gray living room

If your living room is usually dominated by white, you can try shades of gray. Gray does not mean gray or gloomy, rather this color can create a cool atmosphere in the room. To compensate, you can add a brown sofa and shelves made of wood so that it displays an elegant impression.

3. Narrow space to be romantic

Narrow living room can be a romantic room thanks to the concept of a mature concept. Like the inspiration of this modern living room that is so amazing despite appearing minimalist. Harmonization of dark colors and soft cream pastel colors form an elegant warm impression. Meanwhile, the bulkhead of iron material creates a romantic feel. It is suitable for new families, here.

4. The atmosphere is getting warmer by utilizing natural light

Maximize your living space for a nice and warm gathering place. The design of shows a cool modern living room with the idea of ​​using a full window of glass. Creating a natural living room through natural lighting. Thus, it is possible to minimize the use of lights during the day. Meanwhile, the selection of letter L sofas adds to the impression of elegance with a simple coffee table as a complement.

5. Semi outdoor living room design

A living room is not merely a closed room. You can have a living room designed semi-outdoor. The decor looks elegant with a large cabinet displaying various collections of decorative items. Whenever gathering time will feel very comfortable and cool. Because it really relies on natural light as lighting, you can enjoy the incoming sunlight in the morning. While at night, the cool night breeze provides calm.

6. Luxurious modern living room design

The concept of luxury home design has always been everyone's dream. Luxury is sometimes considered to symbolize an achievement from the results of one's hard work. This can be reflected in the appearance of the house, including the living room. The cream colored palette walls show a luxurious impression which is emphasized by the decoration of the chandelier. While sofas and pastel color tables give the impression of elegance and extra comfort.

7. Modern living rooms with a monochrome touch

Modern living rooms can be said to be the easiest style to apply. Simple living room with white domination. Add carpet on the floor so it feels cooler and comfortable. The decoration uses a long white cabinet combined with a unique black cabinet, featuring a cool monochrome touch in the living room.

Arranging the interior of a living room that looks cool without compromising the element of comfort can be done simultaneously. Simply put, the existence of a comfortable sofa and carpet will instantly create immediate comfort in the living room. Additional accessories such as sitting cushions, coffee tables, or bean bags will increasingly complement the living room that makes you feel at home.

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