Kitchen Islands With Seating

kitchen islands with seating

How to determine how many seats you need on the kitchen island.

Find a balance between the space you have and the chair you want by adjusting the number of chairs around the island.

Here you will surely find the tips you need!

For some homeowners, it is very important to have enough seating on the kitchen island. Honestly, figuring out how many seats you want and how much can be realistic is always a frustrating task. This is the way to find the pros and cons to find out what we really need on this island.

Step 1: 

Think about how you use the kitchen and adjacent rooms. Is the kitchen isolated from other parts of your home? Or is he open to the dining room? If the latter is the case, then reduce the place on the island. You only need enough for your family members or some close friends so they can watch you cook and accompany you. But if your kitchen is clearly separate from other residences, then you can plan several places on the island.

You should also consider your family's eating habits, how they move in the kitchen, and how things can change in the coming years. Do your children need to go home at different times of the day to do various activities and homework? Or is the kitchen a central meeting place, where everyone does their homework, bills and shares their daily experiences? If so, it might be more appropriate to have more seats on the kitchen island.

And always remember the designer tips: The National Cuisine and Bath Association recommends: leave at least 0.90 m on all sides of the island so as not to disturb traffic. You need to plan chairs for several people if you want to sit comfortably on the island.

Step 2: 

Analyze bucket design options for kitchen island seating. Sitting on the island is actually as diverse as the island itself. Here are a few options:

  • Seating is only on one side. This option is great for larger rooms.
  • Chairs on both sides. This may be on broader islands, so you can place chairs parallel to both sides.
  • Seats at one or both ends of the short island where you can also group several chairs.
  • Seating in the corner. For very small kitchens, where there isn't enough space, you can expand the island in a corner and arrange a few seats there.
  • Seating on three sides. In a very spacious kitchen, a large kitchen island can offer plenty of space for several people.

Step 3: 

Check the seat height. Basically there are three height choices for seating on the kitchen island: table height, table height and bar height. The difference is not just a matter of personal taste, it can also be a good way to determine the boundaries of space. For example, a tall narrow bar table can protect a lot from clutter in the kitchen and at the same time add enough width for you to eat quietly without having to look at the kitchen. The height of the counter is also suitable because it matches the general work in the kitchen.

Step 4: 

Let's look again at the three main seating options around the kitchen island - barstools, bar-height chairs or chairs are the three main choices. Dirt is a large storage space, especially in a narrow kitchen. You can easily slip it under the table to guard the valuable path.

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