Kitchen Organizer Ideas

Kitchen Organizer Ideas

The kitchen is full of things that you've accumulated over the years. Various appliances, incompatibility of household appliances, and maybe a hundred food storage containers occupy valuable storage space in your kitchen. Cleaning up some of this storage space is the best solution, but what about storing things that really need to be taken care of?

Below we have compiled seven great ideas to help keep your kitchen organized and flowing well. In addition to utilizing negative space to make your open cabinets look organized and stylish, there is something in every kitchen in this book of ideas.

1. Make use of a room

Many homes have large unused spaces just for attention. Spacious space is a great way to make the most of your home more useful, especially if you have a smaller space. This is especially true for kitchens that tend to focus more on the cabinet than the whole room. If you have a kitchen island, chances are you have plenty of room that can be used for pots and pans or whatever you need. Having a shelf is a great way to free the kitchen from the cupboard and use the negative space in your kitchen.

2. U-shaped kitchen creates more storage

Many people think that the key to a successful kitchen is L-shaped or with a kitchen island in the middle. But what if you combine the two to make a U-shaped kitchen? The result will be a ton more storage space with the same appearance from a kitchen as an island. This U-shaped kitchen has many cupboards around it and above, as well as a breakfast bar with kitchen island. The results are beautiful and functional and you will never complain that you will not have enough space for all your belongings.

3. Open storage for a wide display

If you have a kitchen on the smaller side, having a traditional cupboard will make your space feel more cramped. While most people still opt for these cabinets and function properly, why not try a new trend in kitchen storage? Open cupboard shelves make the kitchen feel much bigger and open. To keep things neat and organized, baskets are used to store items while some equipment is left for display. This idea is not only beautiful, but also much cheaper than traditional cabinets because you don't need to buy doors and handles.

4. Small does not mean less storage

Small kitchens can be difficult to work because they are narrow but with little maneuvering they can be as spacious and functional as regular sized kitchens. Using an L-shaped design without an island is the best way to achieve a workable kitchen without taking up much space. There are cupboards above and below the table that leave plenty of room for storage and don't make the space feel cramped because it's only on one side of the kitchen. The L shape also leaves a lot of work area and can be improved by using various electric stoves rather than one gas.

5. Open shelves are a great way to increase storage

Large spaces tend to come with more items which also tend to have less space to store items. While this is just a mental mental trick, there is a very easy way to get more storage in a large kitchen without making it feel smaller. Open shelves are a great way to divide space such as the kitchen and wiggle room, while adding lots of storage for plants, herbs, or anything you need to store. The result is to follow trends and make space feel more open and airy than traditional shelves or dividing walls.

6. A practical backsplash

For those out there who are a little more visual, having a grocery list in the fridge or memo for this week is a great way to keep them organized. But putting notes around the kitchen or in the fridge can make the room feel cluttered and disorganized. Instead of buying a blackboard or placing your notes in another room at home, why not use backsplash for all your needs? By simply painting the backsplash with whiteboard paint, you can make a notebook or drawing board that is more fun and stylish so that it keeps you organized and adds a fun element to your kitchen.

7. Make room for equipment

We've talked about making use of negative space for pots and pans, but what about smaller items like kitchen utensils? You can use the same concept as a pot rack to hang your equipment with backsplash! A series of simple metal hooks or grids like what you see here will be a trick and ensure that your kitchen equipment is always in reach. This also means your equipment must have a curved edge or a hole in the top to make it easy to hang, but there are plenty of choices on the market to achieve this look easily!

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