Laundry Room Decorating Ideas to Help Organize Space

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas to Help Organize Space

Placing the washing machine is indeed quite tricky. Especially if our house is not too big, determining the area for laundry is quite challenging. If misplaced, our house feels crowded, uncomfortable and certainly not pleasant to look at. In this Idea Book we provide some interesting ideas for placing washing machines. Let's take a peek at the tips below.

1. Kitchen and Laundry Room

For those of you who live in an apartment or house with a limited area, a multifunctional space is needed in a small house. This idea combines the functions of the kitchen as well as a laundry room, where washing machines are placed in the kitchen set. This is so that it stays in harmony with the decoration of your room. Examples such as this kitchen which has an elegant decoration, despite placing the washing machine on the kitchen set.

2. Take advantage of Empty Angles

There are some corners of the room that are still empty and apparently can be used as a laundry area? Then you can immediately decorate it and arrange it functionally so that it can be used as a laundry place. In this corner you can add a cabinet to "store" the washing machine. Then on the walls of the shelves to put detergent, air freshener, bleach and other washing equipment. To be beautiful, you can paint walls with eye catchy colors!

3. Adjust Horizontally or Vertically

If the available space is very narrow, the best solution is to stack washing machines and dryers to optimize space. Agarideal to make it easier when washing, we suggest putting the washing machine on the top and the dryer on the bottom.

4. Add a Rack for Hanging Clothes

We must be good at dressing the washing area to make it look attractive. For a limited washing area like this picture, you can cheat on the cool idea, where the homeowner puts the washing machine next to the dryer using a modified wooden table. Because the top serves as a table, you can put washing equipment on top of it, and a versatile hanging rack is also installed. Very creative idea!

5. Hide in a Storage Cabinet

"Hiding" the washing machine in a cupboard that can be closed, of course, is a brilliant idea! You can make a washing machine cupboard that is placed in the corner of the room, in the bathroom or special room. If your budget is limited, other alternatives can be covered with simple curtains.

6. Put it in the Bathroom

The most frequent place to put the washing machine, namely in the bathroom. To be efficient and do not take up much space, the washing machine unit can be placed under the cupboard, under the sink (if the size is appropriate) or placed under the top table. But still must be considered the safety of electrical equipment yes.

7. Create a Special Room for Washing

Although small, a special room for washing is very important. In this area you can place the washing machine safely and wash comfortably. Make maximum use of small space, such as making versatile hanging racks, shelves for storing baskets, and washing equipment racks.

8. Place it in the Warehouse

Instead of being left empty or used as a place to pile up items in it, how about a small warehouse or large size we turn it into a washing area. Besides being more functional, it's time we change the look of the warehouse to be more stylish.

9. Washing Machine in the Wardrobe

If we usually store clothes in a closet, what if we put the washing machine? This will make the equipment neatly organized and also saves space.

10. Place Under the Stairs

Why not use the empty area under the stairs to put the washing machine? If the size allows, this genius idea can produce an attractive washing area, and of course you can save your space.

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