Styling A Vanity In A Small Space

styling a vanity in a small space

Apart for the needs of women or men, dressing table is very helpful in daily activities. Starting from wearing makeup, or just straightening and smoothing hair. However, the presence of a dressing table is sometimes considered not too important because it only takes up space and narrows the occupancy. In fact, with the design and choice of the right minimalist dressing table, you can still present a minimalist dressing table without fear of wasted space in the occupancy.

Come on, take a peek at the various inspiring beautiful minimalist dressing table designs that you can present even if you have a narrow space!

A combination of table and mirror for a simple minimalist dressing table

Bringing out a dressing table doesn't always have to be complicated design. This minimalist dressing table design can be an example. Simply by using a mirror on the wall and give a simple table then you can make one corner of the room into an area to dress up and tidy up.

You can play with shapes to avoid the monotonous impression of this simple minimalist dressing table design like a round mirror and an elongated table, or vice versa.

Compact Minimalist Dressing Box

For narrow spaces, compact furniture that can be reduced or stored when not in use is very useful. You can also make a minimalist dressing table into a compact piece of furniture so it doesn't take up much space in your house.

The trick is simple, just give the hinges on a wooden board the size of a dressing table and give a mirror. This mirror you can close when the dressing table is not used so that this dressing table can be used for other activities. So that it doesn't seem lonely, add some decorations around your dressing table.

Minimalist Full Mirror Dressing Table

Narrow spaces can indeed be manipulated by using mirrors that have reflective properties that give a broad impression. This minimalist dressing table which is full of mirrors is also one of the solutions when you need a dressing table, but you have limited space.

For a more perfect combination, you can pair a minimalist full mirror vanity table with a ghost chair that is transparent or ottoman. That way the look of a minimalist full mirror dressing table set will be more perfect.

Minimalist Floating Dressing Table

To give a broad impression, you can also hang a minimalist dressing table on the wall so that the dressing table does not have legs that limit the space for movement. The choice of a minimalist dressing table will also help make the room easier to clean, you know.

You can also combine it with a compact style, so this minimalist dressing table can be used as credenza when not in use. With this dressing table, the look of your room will be much more minimalistic. In addition, you can also put small plants next to your dressing table.

Standing Dressing Table

With minimal ingredients, you can also present a minimalist dressing table. With an iron frame given a mirror and wooden shelves, a simple minimalist dressing table can fill one corner of the room in your residence. This standing dressing table can be relied on anywhere, a very simple shape that allows you to store this minimalist dressing table in a cupboard when not in use.

Minimalist Transparent Dressing Table with Acrylic

Another alternative to the look of a minimalist dressing table is to use a minimalist dressing table with acrylic. Acrylic material will make your dressing table transparent. This transparent impression will make your room seem more spacious. Not only minimalist, this minimalist transparent dressing table is also suitable for a modern and futuristic look.

You can combine this minimalist dressing table with a ghost chair for maximum transparent appearance. But, using a classic or modern ottoman chair can also be another alternative.

Minimalist Dressing Table with Iron Frame and Wooden Box

No need for complicated details to present a functional dressing table. By providing a wooden box with a mirror on a simple iron frame, you can present a minimalist dressing table that can not only be used for dressing up, but can also be a fairly spacious storage space for the various equipment and makeup you have.

In addition to the minimalist-style interior appearance, this minimalist dressing table is also suitable for you to mix and match with natural to industrial styles.

Minimalist Dressing Table as well as Partition

For narrow and limited spaces, the presence of multifunctional furniture can help minimize the use of too much furniture in the room. Designed with a high degree of flexibility, this minimalist dressing table design inspiration can not only be used for dressing up, a high mirror you can use freely to organize your clothes from top to bottom.

The ability of this minimalist dressing table to turn into a partition that you can use as a dressing room or just cover up a messy coat hanger. Is it really mandatory not to make this minimalist dressing table a part of your wardrobe?

Minimalist Dressing Table with a Slim Design

Another way to minimize the use of space can also be to make the dressing table slimmer. You can also make this minimalist dressing table with a slim elongated mirror. Of course, like the minimalist dressing table before, this mirror will help you more freely when you pay attention to your overall appearance.

Place this dressing table to fill narrow areas that may not fit into furniture or a dressing table with a general size. With striking color choices, this minimalist dressing table can also be a point of interest in your room.

Minimalist Backrest Dressing Table

For those of you who want to look creative with a minimalist dressing table, a choice of a dressing table like this one can be your choice. Appear simple with a cabinet and mirror that is given two supporting legs, this dressing table you can lean on anywhere. You can also add shelves to the top to increase the storage capacity of your makeup needs. Don't forget to place lighting lamps near your dressing table.

Bored with the arrangement of the room, you can simply move your minimalist dressing table and lean it on the other side so the room feels like a new room.

With a variety of minimalist dresser design display options, of course you do not need to worry about the presence of a minimalist dressing table will narrow the room in your dwelling. After finding the capital and design of a minimalist dressing table, you can also match the style and material of this minimalist dressing table with the furniture in your room.

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