Why Terracotta Coloured Linen is the New Trend You Need in Your Bedroom

Interior colors that are trending and you will often encounter for years to come, terracotta comes with shades of orange that are special and completely distinctive. Indeed terracotta color is not new, because it has often appeared for decades with a natural and rustic impression. So as not to miss, take a peek at the beautiful terracotta interior arrangement that makes you feel at home!

Talking about the interior, the wall is always the main focus that should not be missed. For a classic, modern look, switch from neutral colors like white or cream and try terracotta that has qualities like ripe clay. Dimensions of color and depth will provide a warm and aesthetic atmosphere, starting from the gradation of soil colors such as cinamon, burgundy, to typical terracotta-style bricks.

For you who want to decorate the room and want a new atmosphere, try changing the theme of your room with a terracotta tone. This brownish orange color has a warm and comfortable impression. Some ideas that will give you an inspiration to decorate your bedroom with terracotta tones:

  • Terracotta-colored sheets and blankets make the bed area look more comfortable. To avoid being flat, add a neutral pillowcase.
  • Terracotta is identical to a clay pot. To create a natural impression, put the clay lamp and bamboo lampshades.
  • Place the lazy chair in the corner of the room for the relaxing area. Decorate the corner of the room with floor lamps, coffee tables, and plant pots.
  • To strengthen the feel of earthy tone, you can use a cabinet made of rattan. It looks simple but really unique.
  • Save some room space for dressing tables and mirrors. To beautify the corner of the room, hang a few small mirrors.
  • Place the succulent plants on the edge of the window to add the impression of life in your room. Don't forget to choose a clay pot.
  • The model of this wall clock is really funny huh? The terracotta color and the picture of the sun in the middle make the clock look antique.
  • So that your walls are not quiet, you can add macrame wall hanging. The motives can be adjusted depending on your taste.
  • So that the humidity of the room is always maintained, don't forget to put a humidifier in the room.

Soft gradations of terracotta colors can look modern in a comfortable and spacious bedroom.With wood materials and muted colors, the interior design above carries the soft terracotta walls with incandescent lamps which make the sleep atmosphere increasingly sound asleep. Terracotta is also suitable for the master bedroom, teenagers or children, because there is no tendency towards a certain gender to use terracotta colors.
This design is not only vintage or natural impression that can be highlighted with terracotta colors, but also a series of interesting interior style variations. Terracotta is also easily applied in warm Bohemian-style interiors such as the eclectic tribal inspiration above. Unique themes will be even more unique with full terracotta dominance.

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