10 Beautiful Patios and Outdoor Spaces

Everyone wants to have a nice and comfortable home, a place where we and our family can live in peace and harmony. Well, so that your housing is more beautiful, you can start thinking about building a patio in it.

The patio itself is a small garden in the house or garden that is placed inside the building area of ​​the house. In this area of ​​course we can decorate it as beautiful as possible to relax. And not only that, the patio also makes air circulation in the house become fresher, healthier and more natural. Here are 15 of our favorite patio ideas:

1. Decorate Patio With Many Plants

If your terrace feels lonely and dry, you should start beautifying this area with flowers and plants. Because the patio is small, you can outsmart the plants on the wall or place a lot of potted plants on the terrace. And you should choose the type of plant that is easy to care for and suitable for the type of climate in your city.

2. Patio That Provides Freshness To The Home

Patio is like an oasis in the middle of a city, especially if you live in a crowded city. Now, as a relaxation and relaxation area, you can place a comfortable chair on your patio. In this area, children and families can spend time, so it's best to decorate it as stylishly as possible and provide accessories such as carpets to make it a special and charming place.

3. Patio with wooden elements

A very cool patio becomes the right area for relaxing in the afternoon. How not beautiful if the patio is decorated with wooden and stone elements. The wood used as a floor looks perfect with plants and wood furniture. Plus three barrels with shower, making a green space creates a view of the garden in the house.

4. Zen Garden Conceptual Patio

Terrace with Zen, typical of oriental culture, plays with simple, stylish compositions. You can try to make a corner terrace in the house using sand, stones and plants. Elements in a small garden will give life to the terrace, and do not forget to install lights to use it as a place of relaxation at night.

5. Artistic Minimalist Garden

If your yard is small, you can create a minimalist garden by placing one sofa and shade trees. To be beautiful, decorate grass and rocks with a circular design like this. Plus lighting from below. Well, although the elements are few, the composition is still not balanced.

6. Turn on the Hallway of Your Home

If you have a long aisle, give life by placing colorful flowers, by installing one or two lights in the garden area. Colorful flowers are ensured to be a beautiful decoration and bring freshness to the hallway of the house.

7. Decorate with a Hammock

Having an outdoor space at home, even though it is small will always be a pleasant area to release fatigue from routine. Simply laying a hammock, you have created an ideal area for relaxation. Especially if combined with plants, you can enjoy fresh and healthy air circulation for you and your family.

8. Creating a vertical garden on the patio

Vertical garden is a good choice for creating a patio in the house. If your house has enough space, put a seat next to it, which will give the garden a natural freshness. So it is cool to make a place for coffee and enjoy the sun.

9. Give Attention to the Terrace Floor

Paying close attention to the floor can be applied to small terraces. Decorate a small area by sprinkling white rocks and laying pieces of wood that turn into floors. A beautiful combination! In the corners of the wall then decorated with plants, which makes the terrace a beautiful view that can be enjoyed from inside the house or room.

10. Place Different Plants and Flowers

Choosing plants to decorate the patio is of course a matter of taste. For example, a patio can play with several types of plants, which makes the composition very interesting and brings dynamism to the park.

11. Color Combinations To Expand The Patio Area

Different color combinations are the elements most commonly used by interior designers and landscapers to create broad illusions. Well, this trick can be tried on the patio, where you can choose neutral colored stones for the floor, and give a bright color to the wall. As a result, a relaxed-style patio on the beach gives your home joy.

12. Trees and Vines on the Wall

To absorb oxygen in the area of ​​the house, a good trick if planting trees and vines on the wall. Patio will look wider visually, and become a refreshing area in the house. So pretty!

13. Long seating in the patio

Beautiful and soothing decoration, we often see in several coffee shops, where we can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere outside the room. Want to try to create it in your home?

14. Place Functional and Beautiful Decorative Elements

The arrangement of a few lightweight chairs invites us to rest and enjoy the sun. Beautiful plants also bring freshness, and make a small patio becomes comfortable. Isn't it ideal to share with friends or family?

15. Stacking Pots Decorate the Patio

Creativity is the key to giving life to your small patio. No need to waste a large cost to buy new accessories, but by using items that are not used anymore, you can really beautify the look of the patio. Examples such as wooden boxes used as plant pots, and made stacked on the wall, managed to make a unique appearance. Cost effective and also environmentally friendly.

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