10 Farmhouse-Style Living Room Tips

 fаrmhоuѕе stуlе living room

The Living Room / Family Room is a place where all family members gather, interact, and do activities together. As a meeting room between family members makes the existence of the Living Room in a house an important point that cannot be ignored. The living room is the center of a house. Every family member meets and communicates with each other in the Living Room. From there family harmony can be formed. Therefore, the position of the Living Room needs to be considered as best as possible when designing a home. Easy to reach by every occupant of the house is one of the requirements for a good living room design. How to design the ideal Living Room? What must be done so that the Living Room can function optimally? Here are some things that you need to consider when designing your Living Room.

What are the usual activities in the Living Room?

Identifying what activities are carried out in the Living Room is the first step you need to do before doing the design. A living room should provide a sense of security and comfort so that each family member feels at home. For this reason, the design of the Living Room must be able to accommodate various activities that the family members want to carry out.

In general, the livingroom is a place for talking between family members, eating and watching together, to relax with the family. You can also add other activities that can be done together in the Living Room. Make sure each family member can do the activities they like in the living room. That way the living room can live and function optimally.

What is the size and area of ​​your living room?

The size of the living room varies greatly. The width or narrowness of the living room is usually adjusted to the size of the house. In general, the size of this living roomranges from 9-12m2 or more depending on the area of ​​the house. How to arrange the living room in a small and narrow house? And what if it's done in a large house?

Living Room in a House with Limited Land

Houses with limited area usually implement an open plan system to save space. The living room in small and minimalist houses is designed together with the dining room. For those of you who want to have a minimalist and simple living room, an open plan living room design can be an option.

Another alternative that you can do by having a narrow living room is to choose furniture to a minimum. You can design a comfortable living room so you don't need to add furniture that takes up a lot of space. If not, you can choose multifunctional furniture. You can also make the Living Room as a dining room.

Living Room at Home with Spacious Land

In contrast to small and minimalist houses, some people who have houses with large sizes usually place a separate living room from another room. Apart from the adequate house area, a separate Living Room design is usually chosen to accommodate a large number of family members. However, the Living Room which is designed separately from other rooms you need to pay close attention. Make sure the living room is in the middle of the house and connected to the rooms of each family member.

What furniture is needed for the living room?

Activities will determine what furniture you need. Common activities in the Living Room are gathering, chatting with family, or watching TV together. For that, the sofa is one of the furniture that is always in the Living Room. Choose a sofa that makes you and your family comfortable and at ease in the living room. If the area of ​​the room is not possible, you can design a family without a sofa.

You can replace the sofa with a carpet to sit on. To make you and your family more comfortable, you can also add some pillows. Choose designs, textures, and colors that suit your Living Room design concept. If you and your family like to read, you can add a bookshelf if the Living Room area is still possible.

What kind of design concept of the living room is desired?

The impression of luxury, elegance, clean, minimalist, or simple arises from the right color, material and lighting selection. These three things usually form a design concept that you want to display in the room. What kind of design room do you want? Is it minimalist, Farmouse, natural, classic, or contemporary?

Farmouse Minimalist Living Room

Farmouse minimalistliving room designs are in great demand because this concept does not require much furniture and decoration. Farmouse minimalists use more color games. This concept is suitable to be applied to a small or narrow sized house. The combination of colors like black and white is a choice that is often used. For furniture, you can add furniture with geometric shapes.

Natural Living Room

To get a natural look in the Living Room, you can choose natural materials and colors 'earth'. One of the natural materials that you can choose is wood. You can choose decorations and furniture with wood materials. You can also use brown and green to strengthen the natural impression, both on walls, floors or in the selection of furniture and decoration. If the position of the room allows, the design of an open living room connected to the garden or outdoor space can strengthen the natural concept that is carried.

Classic Living Room

Many ornaments are characteristic of classic designs. For those of you who want to have a living room with the impression of luxury and elegance, a classic concept can be a choice. This classic concept is perfect for use in large size living rooms. The colors that are commonly used are a combination of white and brown. In addition to color games, the classic concept is also supported by the choice of furniture and room lighting. Therefore, the classic concept is one of the expensive design concepts.

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary concepts do not use too many colors and patterns. You can choose solid colors into your room. Even though you don't use much color play, your Living Room design will still be attractive with unique furniture and decorations that you can add to the wall as an accent.

How much budget do you prepare to design the living room?

Budget is very crucial. When you are going to do a renovation or design the interior of the Living Room, you need to understand how much it costs. Make sure that the costs you need do not exceed the budget you have.

Then, the usual question that arises then is: What if it turns out that the budget is minimal? What needs to be done? This is where the role of an architect and interior designer. By using the services of an architect or interior designer, you can discuss how to design your Living Room with the budget you have. With their creativity, you will be helped to find the best Living Room design solutions that fit your budget.

Find professional architects and interior designers for your living room. Besides being able to see the profile and various inspirations of the Living Room design that they have done, you can also directly contact them, discuss and get design solutions for your Living Room.

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