12 Cool Barn Door Closet Ideas You Can DIY

The design of the barn door has developed into one of the more popular home decor trends. The shape is simple but able to bring rustic nuance and also warm into the house. The attraction can also be radiated from the design of this door when used inside the house.

The barn door is identical to its large size and weight.

If you want a door with this design, just modifies it to be the opposite.

Cool again, this door can be set with sliding openings. Like what about the form that can be followed?

Resembles the walls of the room

Has many unique characteristics, a barn door can look simple too with its design that is made integrated with the walls of the room.

When closed, you can't really distinguish between a door and a wall.

This provides its own uniqueness for the use of the design door.

Rustic elements are so radiated from the wood material used.

As an equivalent, the rolling way used is made of iron material and painted black.

So charming! In addition, thanks to the use of wood, a natural impression is also emitted from the door design.

Room Focal Points

In other room design scenarios, a barn door can be a focal point without so much effort.

If you want this, try using a door with a worn finished look.

This door looks more stand out when placed in a room with white and plain shades.

To be more complete, give the sweetener accent in the form of a handle that has been colored bronze.

Bright with New Paint

There is no harm in giving a new breath to the door that you think is outdated.
It's easy, just paint the door with a favorite color or a color that fits the interior of the room.

Even if they have a new identity, the characteristics of the door are maintained.

When said in other words, new doors that have been painted are easier to blend with modern rooms that tend to be modern.

Large Mirror Installed

In addition to being repainted, cut in accordance with smaller sizes, and made by sliding, you can also, install a large mirror on the surface to make it look better.

This kind of door can be the right partner for a small and narrow room.

The design of the sliding door takes no place.

Meanwhile the mirror on its surface can conjure a view so that seeing the room looks more relieved.

Two Barn Doors

The display effect that is presented by the barn-style door which is divided in two is very significant and also dramatic.

So that placement is efficient and does not take place, aperture design that can be applied is to shift right and also left.

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