13 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas For The Heart Of Your Home

beautiful kitchen design ideas for the heart of your home

The kitchen is indeed a special room and is often called the heart of the house. This very important function requires you to design the kitchen in the best style. Modern kitchens become one of the features that you can give to the kitchen with its characteristics that are more dominated by simple designs, minimal details, clean, and very neat.

In addition to the design, the modern concept of the kitchen also means that the kitchen is designed according to needs by considering the activities carried out by its users. The kitchen with a modern design concept is very concerned about the comfort of its owner when doing activities there. Interested in making a modern kitchen at home? Practice the tips below.

1. Choose a Table Top with Solid Surface Material

One trend of modern kitchens is the use of table top from solid surface materials such as white, silver or black granite or marble. So as not to appear dull or monotonous, you can add accents using bright colors like red, orange, or green to some kitchen ornaments.

2. Use Stainless Steel Material

The modern kitchen has an elegant and contemporary look. For this reason, the main choice in modern kitchen designs is usually to use stainless steel kitchen utensils. This material is used in various parts such as stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator, and so on. Besides stainless steel, another material that can be used is tempered crystal glass. In addition to being known for being tough and durable, these materials can add to the allure of the kitchen with its luxurious and elegant appearance.

3. Take advantage of Geometrically Backsplash

If you have a kitchen with a neutral color and do not have other elements that stand out, then the backsplash is a part that can be used to highlight bright and bolder colors and patterns. The geometric design of mosaic tiles can give a simple yet modern look.

4. Install the Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls or blackboard walls can be one of the tips that can make the kitchen look more different. This wall can be very useful for you to use as a place to record various household needs. For example, you can write down some of your family's favorite recipes, or what to buy next. Interesting, right?

5. Use the Planting Stove

Still age to use a large-sized stove that takes up a lot of space on your kitchen table? To add a modern impression on the kitchen use a flush cooktop or a flat stove surface with a table top and a refrigerator placed side by side. Also complete the kitchen with water storage features and a mini bar to strengthen the modern impression of your home.

6. Complete with Kitchen Cabinet

In modern designs, the kitchen must always look clean and neat. Now for this neat business, you can complete it with many drawer kitchen cabinet. Its purpose is of course to store various cooking and eating utensils. You can also use several open drawers attached to the wall to store a collection of cooking books or to place a few decorations such as small plants or fresh flowers.

7. Add Smokers

Don't want the whole house to smell when cooking? Keep the air quality in the kitchen by using smoke inhaler. This smoke suction can also simultaneously support the re-circulation of air by keeping it clean. So, guaranteed your cooking smoke will not spread throughout the house and disturb other residents.

8. Apply Back-lit Technique

By adding back-lit to the kitchen backsplash, it will create a modern but still simple look. Back-lit is able to emit beautiful light and shadow into the room. This technique is very fitting for you who have a small kitchen because the reflection of the light will fluoresce throughout the room and make the room feel more spacious.

9. Stick the Magnet Wall

Have a large collection of magnets stuck to the refrigerator? That's normal. You can also install magnet boards in the kitchen to attach notes, ornaments, and various other magnetic collections. This metal plate will add a modern impression while giving a different look to the kitchen.

10. Give Ornamental Plants

No one can resist the sensation of fresh green and soothing from living ornamental plants. Especially if your home does not have much additional land for gardening or just breathing in fresh air, this method can be the most telling tips for you to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the outdoors.
However, there are some things that need to be considered if you put plants in the house. Make sure you don't forget to water it every day and apply fertilizer at least once a month. Give a base under the pot so that the remaining water does not pollute the floor or your other furniture. Now, there are many pot models that have been equipped with a base plate to hold water. Check regularly and dispose of water when it is too full.
Place factors are also important to note. Without enough sunlight, your plants will wither and turn yellow. Therefore, you should apply these tips only if you have a gap in the entry of sunlight into the kitchen.

11. Unite the Kitchen and Dining Room by Adding Kitchen Island

If you like to follow the development of design and professional decorating trends, surely you are familiar with the term kitchen island. Additional tables and chairs in the center of the kitchen can unite the kitchen with the dining room.

This merger is very useful if your home is not available with additional space for the dining room. In addition, you can improve the kitchen function for a gathering place for family members while having breakfast or dinner.

Choose a table and chairs that are proportional to the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a place for cooking. So, don't let the dining table actually dominate kitchen furniture and give the impression of being overcrowded.

12. Light the Aesthetic Hanging

Lighting is one of the essential factors that must be considered. Because the light can provide a significant difference in the overall appearance of the room.

You can give several different lights for different purposes. For example, the main light in the middle of the room is a white lamp whose function is to illuminate the entire room.

Meanwhile, decorative lighting (can use white or yellow bulb) placed above the kitchen island, mini bar, or near the cabinet to illuminate certain areas. Thus, creating a dramatic atmosphere of the lamp.

13. Mini Bar for a More Casual and Warm Room

If you have guests from relatives or close friends, they will often gather in the kitchen while you cook or prepare dishes.

The kitchen is always synonymous with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, so it's no wonder that the people closest to you prefer to spend time in the kitchen than in the living room that seems more formal and official.

You can add a mini bar in a simple kitchen space. There are no rules that the mini bar is not suitable to be placed in a simple space. In fact, this can enhance the taste of your art while making it more elegant.

No need to bother redesigning or spending a lot of money to buy new furniture. You can have a mini bar just by setting aside a little space in your cabinet or kitchen table, then adding a chair around it.

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