45+ Small Kitchen Organization And DIY Storage Ideas

small kitchen organization and diy storage ideas

Current property developments show that the popularity of minimalist style homes is increasing, which means that a narrow kitchen space can not be avoided. Most people think that the narrow size of the kitchen hinders their activities in the kitchen, for example, they do not have certain cooking tools and ingredients because they do not have adequate storage space or it is difficult to move in the kitchen if there are too many items. Have you experienced this ...?

In fact, when you have a narrow kitchen size, all you have to do is make the room look more spacious by making considerable creativity efforts. Although there are many different ways to organize and make a room appear more spacious, you need to remember, choose one that suits your needs and your room. Here are ideas that can be your inspiration in rearranging your little kitchen to be more attractive and functional.

Creating a Cookware Gallery on the Wall

If you have space horizontally, take advantage of your vertical blank space, which is the walls of the room. Compared to spending enough space to place your cooking utensils, it's better to hang all your cooking utensils on the wall. Besides being more attractive, this design is also considered more effective for helping you cook. The reason is, you no longer need to trouble finding cooking utensils that you will use in a pile of other cookware, you will immediately find it when you see one of them hanging on the wall. Don't forget, organize your cooking utensils gallery with interest. The wall that can be used can be a wall in your kitchen, or in the hallway leading to your kitchen.

Use the Space Above the Wardrobe

For those of you who use cabinets or cupboards in your kitchen, don't waste empty space above your cupboard. This often forgotten area is a great place to place small appliances or foodstuffs, such as wine bottles, coffee grounds, and others. To make it look more attractive, you can organize these items with the help of a wire storage area.

Add a wooden divider in the kitchen cupboard

To increase storage space, you don't need to buy another kitchen cabinet that will make your kitchen narrower. You only need to make a wooden divider to divide the space in your closet, so that the plates, cutting boards, and piles that accumulate and take up large space on one side will be neatly arranged and the space taken will be smaller.

Use Pot Rail

Pot rail is a mainstay trick to overcome the narrow space in the kitchen. There are many different designs and layouts to help your organizing needs. Freelance writer, Kim Laidlaw, claimed he used a pot rail to place almost all of his items in the kitchen, from paper towels, oven mittens, to spices and cooking utensils.

Take advantage of every corner of the room

Placing a rack does not have to be in a room, but it can also be placed in the upper corner of a door. In the kitchen, the room is perfect for placing potted plants, cookbooks, or special dishes.

Use the Wardrobe Under Room

Not only empty space above the cupboard, empty space under the cupboard is also often forgotten. Use magnetic strips or hooks to hang cooking spices or glasses under your cupboard.

Maximize Space on the Wardrobe Side

If you have a cupboard with open sides, consider adding a hook or rail there. Because, with hooks or rails, you can have additional space to put all your equipment and small tools, which means freeing up drawers to store other items that are more in need.

Quite easy to follow, not a few tips and tricks below. So, you don't need to be confused anymore to store lots of stuff in a cramped kitchen. Even so, you don't need to apply all of these tips. Just use certain tips according to your needs and space in your kitchen. Good luck. Image >>

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