5 Color Trends in 2020 for Various Home Interior Designs!

Along with the change of the new year, also indicates the shift in interior design trends that will occur in the next period.

The designers have predicted that the interior trend of 2020 will be colored by various new things collaborated with the design concept in the previous year.

This interior decoration trend is a reference for residential owners to make their favorite property assets look beautiful and up to date.

Reporting from the Goodhousekeeping page, here are 5 interior decorating trends predicted by designer Bria Hammel, CEO of Bria Hammel's interior consultant, will appear in 2020 and can be an inspiration in managing the house.

1. Vintage is still preferred

Although nuanced old school, according to Bria furniture and vintage-style residential accessories are still preferred and a favorite for some people.

2. Application of contrast decoration

Bria said, interior design with the concept of applying something that is in contrast is currently experiencing a moment of its rise.

3. Natural elements are increasingly happening

by 2020, the designer predicts there will be a shift in trends, especially in kitchen decor. The interior of the kitchen is no longer only made completely white, but will also get a natural touch through the presence of natural wood cabinets and shelves.

4. Vintage ceramic displays

One of the residential design trends that emerged in 2020 is an appreciation of vintage shades of ceramic displays.

In addition to more vintage furniture, a number of designers predict terracotta-colored ceramic furniture and other decorative items, such as earthenware, will become a trend next year.

5. Use of comfortable fabric

Interior design trends 2020 also according to some circles will be colored by comfortable fabrics that will be applied to various elements of home decor.

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