5 Interior Paint Colors are Becoming a Trend in 2020

Home Ideas - Home interior paint colors can influence the comfort and psychology of residents. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the right room color tone, according to taste and needs.

Usually, every new year there will always be predictions of interior paint colors that will become a trend and adapt to the latest lifestyle.

If you want to make a big change to the atmosphere of a modern residential interior or a minimalist home, here are 5 paint color themes that will color the interior trends in 2020.

1. Whіtе соlоr 

5 interior paint colors are becoming a trend in 2020

One color trend in 2020 is white which for most people is not boring, because it is considered neutral.

2. Nаturаl terracotta 

natural terracotta interior

Teraccota color or also called pottery color is predicted to be a trend this year. Many property owners want to present a natural and natural atmosphere in their homes.

With the application of terracotta colors will help them get the natural atmosphere on the side walls of the room at home.

3. Orаngе Non-mainstream 

orange wаll раіnt соlоr

The next wall paint color which is considered to be a new trend in 2020 is orange. Breeze Giannasio believes that the use of these secondary colors in the interior will add a refreshing tinge to any room.

4. Millennial ріnk 

millenial pink paint colors

Since the term millennial pink was coined around 2016, the color theme has become a world interior design phenomenon.

5. Bluе 

blue interior paint color

Premiere paint colors, such as peacock blue and jet black will be the center of attention in 2020. According to Giannasio, blue will give a fresh effect to the room.

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