A First Apartment Survival Guide You'll Want to Bookmark

a first apartment survival guide you'll want to bookmark
Apartments have become a growing trend, especially for millennials who have a high level of mobility.

However, some people assume that living in an apartment will not be as comfortable as living in a landed house. In fact, it all depends on the interior design of the apartment that is applied to the tiny dwelling.

Interior apartment tips that are practical but still stylish are perfect for those of you who crave the comfort of staying at home. The key is to make the apartment design as lively as possible, far from the rigid impression of dull vertical housing.

Curious how to arrange an apartment so we can feel at home in it? Despite the small size of the apartment, guaranteed interior design tips will make you reluctant to leave the room!

Minimalist StudioConcept Apartment Type

Studio apartments have been chosen by urbanites because they offer practicality in living everyday life. Moreover, studio apartments have quite affordable prices when compared to other types of apartments.

Design studioapartments are usually small because they consist of only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. With an apartment area that only ranges between 20-35 square meters and the room tends to be multifunctional.

A variety of areas such as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms are one, making the concept of a minimalist apartment very suitable for application.

The interior of a minimalist studio apartment will make the narrow impression disappear while maintaining the practical value of each furniture.

As in the picture above, the studio type apartment is neatly arranged with minimal color choices. Touches of gray, black, white, and also natural beige make each side pleasing to the eye.

Kitchen areas and kitchen sinks are lined with dining tables and sofas to relax or receive guests. In smaller apartments, the sofa area can be transformed into a stretch area like the apartment design picture below.

Still with a minimalist apartment design, there is a small table and a few pillows on the fur carpet that replaces the softness of the sofa. A small table like this is multifunctional because it can be used to study, eat, or just relax watching television.

Soft Shabby Chic Design for Small Apartments

If you prefer a more feminine concept, shabby chic design might be the most appropriate choice for the interior of your apartment. The shabby chic style offers a softer and less rigid impression.

One of the interior design elements of a typical shabby chic apartment room is a slipcover that is commonly used on sofas, ottoman chairs to tables. We recommend the upholstery fabric used is made of lightweight material and soft pastel color.

Typically, the fabric used to organize the interior of this one apartment is cotton, linen, and muslin with plain motifs that look classic.

However, you must be careful in applying shabby chic style to the design of studio apartments with a size that is not too broad. Because if the excess ornamentation, interior design will make the impression of tightness in the room.

Make sure you keep adjusting the shabby chic ornaments that are used with the spacious apartment, yes! Shabby chic interior design references above are enough to give an idea.

Interior of Luxury Apartment Type Studio

Is it true that small apartments cannot be made luxurious? Of course, I can! With the right interior design, even small apartments can look luxurious and magnificent. Like the pictures of the luxury apartment below.

Even though this studio type apartment has limited space, the impression of luxury is still successfully shown with a classic black blend and elegant yellow lighting.

The partition used to separate the bed and sofa area also makes the interior of this apartment feel more exclusive. For you studio apartment owners, the use of partitions can be an alternative if you want a little privacy.

The kitchen area of ​​the apartment can be made luxurious by using black furniture with matte finish. Alloy with natural brown wood material will also show a classic impression.

Minimalist Apartment Interior Kitchen Design

The interior of an apartment kitchen is sometimes a difficult thing to be tricked especially for a small studio type apartment. The apartment kitchen is usually in the hallway near the entrance or balcony door.

The size is very mini and only able to load one stove and a small sink. Apartment kitchen usually only has a kitchen set with 2 or 3 doors only.

Although it is very limited, the interior of the apartment kitchen must still look beautiful. The apartment's minimalist kitchen design below can help you find inspiration to organize your own apartment.

The interior design of this apartment kitchen is very suitable to be applied to units with limited area. Multifunctional furniture can be the key in optimizing the arrangement of the apartment.

A dining table with chairs for one person that can be moved into the kitchen set will certainly save a lot of space, because it can be "hidden" when not in use.

To optimize the existing space, you can also use the interior design of the apartment kitchen with a refrigerator that is made together. Thus, you can have extra storage space on the refrigerator.

Storage area like this is very useful to maintain a neat impression on the room. Moreover, if we talk about small apartments that must be maintained neatness to make it look spacious and comfortable to live in.

Wallpaper for Small Apartments

The apartment has a limited area, you cannot add the area of ​​the apartment let alone reduce it. Still included in the interior design of the apartment, choosing wallpaper for a small apartment also has its own tricks so that it can add a broad impression to the room.

There are various types and designs of wallpapers, so you must know how to choose wallpaper for a small apartment.

First, you must first see what room will be installed wallpaper. For example, the living room is more suitable to use bright colors with motifs that are not too complicated, thus providing a broader effect.
Indeed, the most important factor in choosing an apartment wallpaper is color. Determining the color is very important because it can change the atmosphere of the apartment; broad or narrow, stiff or soft, dark or bright.

So, for an apartment with a size that is not too big, always try to use wallpaper with bright colors but soft. So the room will look wider than the original.

However, that doesn't mean you can't play with motives. For example wallpaper motifs for small apartments should be focused on one side only as the center of attention in the room.

Thus, your apartment will not look too plain or boring. But still adjust the wallpaper motif used with the color of the wallpaper around it, yes!

Because it has a limited area, making the apartment need a room arrangement that involves special furniture so the room can be used optimally.

Therefore, you must be prepared with an estimated cost of apartment furniture that may not be as cheap as ordinary home furniture. You can also use an apartment interior design service if you don't want to bother with all the arrangements.

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