Almost Demolished, Repurposed Barn Door Decor

Are you bored with the look of a simple door that is widely used today? If you are interested in using a unique type of door, then a sliding door can be the right solution. The design of the barn door now has developed a lot, abroad barn door is becoming a popular trend. For those of you who are interested in using this one door model. then here are some unique design inspiration using sliding door doors inside the house. Check this out !!

Barn Door as a Focal Point

To create an attractive appearance in a home interior design, focal points are noteworthy. In this regard, you can use the sliding door barn as a focal point object, namely by applying a striking color choice to the barn door. You do this by applying a worn worn out appearance to the barn door. The door will look very stand out if placed in a room with white or other neutral colors. Add sweeten accents such as handles that are given a bronze color to make it look more beautiful.

Double Barn Door

If you like the look of a dramatic home, you can use the double barn door. So install two barn doors as the main door in your home. to be more efficient and not take up much space. Eat using the sliding barn door design. Thus the room in your house will look more dramatic and attractive, of course, you will feel a classic and warm impression.

Barn Door resembles a wall

There are many unique characteristics of each barn door design that exists today. For those of you who like a simple look, then installing a barn door that resembles a wall can be the right solution. You do this by giving the same color to the barn door with the color of the wall. So when the door is closed, the door will not be seen. And this will make the room in your house look more attractive and unique.

Barn Door with Bright Color

Barn doors are usually synonymous with classic, dramatic, or rustic impressions, but if you are bored with those impressions. So don't worry, you can create a new impression for your door in your house. You do this by applying color to the barn door. Bright colors like blue can be the right choice. And again this idea will be very suitable to be poured in the current modern home design.

Barn Door with Mirror Installation

If you are among those who have a minimalist home design, but still want to use the unique elements of the barn door. Then you need to use a barn door that is equipped with glass. As you know that glass is one of the important elements of a minimalist house, because the existence of a mirror can create a more spacious home atmosphere. So the idea of ​​using a barn door that is equipped with a mirror can be the most appropriate solution for a minimalist-sized house. In addition, a barn door with a mirror can also display the impression of luxury and elegance.

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