Awesome Dining Room Ideas to Make Each and Every Meal Enjoyable

One of the most important things that must be applied in a small house, is to use each function of the room to the maximum extent possible and made as comfortable as possible.

The dining room in a small house can function in various ways, not just for eating, then the rest will not function too much when residents are not eating. Can be used to gather with family or just to relax.

Before determining the layout of objects in the dining room, first determine the orientation of the dining room. So that later on your dining room design will be seen as extraordinary.

The definition of spatial orientation is simply the focus of an activity. There are 2 choices of dining room orientation, which are as follows.

1. Inward orientation

Navigate the orientation of the dining room inward, with its center point in the middle of the dining table, so as to create intimacy at the dining table.

There are many ways, for example by using the dining table as a place to meet family members, talk to each other, talk about daily experiences, and so on.

If you want to apply this orientation at home, the most common design is of course to choose a round dining table.

So that each family member can interact in a balanced manner, because everyone at the round dining table has the same point of view with each other.

2. Outward orientation

Conversely, how to change the orientation to the outside dining room can be done by placing activities outside the table or dining room.

Or in other words, the center of activity is not in the middle of the dining table.

This orientation can be made by closing the dining table to the window, so that the focus of the person sitting at the dining table will lead not only to the dining table, but also outside the window.

In addition, another way is to add a television set in one corner of the dining room, or a mini park and fish pond which will certainly attract the residents of the house.

When eating, we will be entertained by various facilities around the dining room.

Based on its function, the dining room can also be distinguished:

1. One Function Dining Room

As the name implies, this type of dining room is only used for eating activities.

Basically, there are several eating activities that can be put together in the dining room of a small house.

In addition to eating and drinking activities, we can also prepare, serve, and even cook food in the same room.

The trick is to unite the dining table with a pantry or a clean kitchen, complete with practical, maximum and neat food storage cabinets.

2. Multifunctional Dining Room

When viewed from the time of its use, the dining room which is only used for eating activities, is used no more than 1 to 2 hours a day.

If this is applied in a small house, of course unfortunately there is a space that is left empty and does not function optimally.

Because it should, in a small house, every room is very valuable to be used optimally all the time, moreover we need space for various activities throughout the day.

So, expanding the function of the dining room will certainly provide many advantages. Not only as a place to eat, but also as a workspace, study room, even the living room.

With a good interior arrangement, multifunctional dining room can be changed to be more lively and fun as a place of various activities for each family member.

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