Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Add a Dreamy Touch to Your Space

bathroom lighting ideas to add a dreamy touch to your space

Bathroom lighting also means layering light from the ceiling down, combining lighting fixtures with natural lighting for your pleasant light level. Ceiling lights in a larger bathtub can add an element of style., Instant sophistication. Quite in contrast with the single lamp above the mirror in the bathroom.
The main equipment turns on the room lights, but to turn it on properly you need more. Recessed lighting in your bathroom helps eliminate shadows when in the mirror.

Your shower must be bright and clean, so much lighting is the key. But bathrooms are now rooms in homes where people spend more time, so you also want the ability to create a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. Having the flexibility to adjust lighting is very important, which is why I put dimmers here as I do throughout the house.

What Fields Should Be the Focus of Lighting in the Bathroom?

First, the ceiling is mounted in the sky or above public lighting. You also want to light up an area with some very good lighting, which can be fixtures on the mirror or on both sides. And you need to turn on the shower and bathtub area. You might also consider strip lighting under a wall mounted cabinet, which makes it appear to float in the sky, as well as lighting for wall art.

What are some common mistakes in bathroom lighting?

Not enough. Another problem is when people install too much hidden equipment so that the ceiling looks like a sea of ​​black holes.

You should also avoid the light that goes directly to your head because it will be hard and unpleasant. Instead, position your ceiling light above the street area so that you are wide-eyed from behind rather than directly in front of the dressing table.

Asymmetrical lighting is another mistake. Placing equipment on one side of your mirror will create uneven lighting and make maintenance difficult.

How Much Light Is Needed in a Bathtub?

The answer depends on the person and the task they are doing. For someone who just woke up and went into the water closet. After bathing, when it comes time to shave, it may be necessary for better visibility.

In the master or guest room, use equipment that provides at least 75 to 100 watts of light, said Randall Whitehead, renowned lighting expert and author of Residential Lighting, A Practical Guide. You can also get this light equivalent to a 24 watt fluorescent lamp or a 20 watt LED, he added. (Note: A 100 watt incandescent produces 1,750 lumens or about 137 footcandles.

Overall Bath Lighting

Many homeowners like the luxury of feeling that a chandelier or pendant can be taken somewhere. To prevent code problems, make sure the fixture is at least 3 feet from the tub and 7 feet or more above the surface of high water. In addition, put it on the switch itself, dimly. Depending on the layout, this might be the equipment used in the middle of the night, and it is best if you can dim it to around 20 percent.

Another good source of ambient light in the bathtub is indirect direct lighting, usually achieved by a neon or LED light strip on a cabinet or soffit. It's very soft, pleasant background illumination.

For effective shower lighting, it's smart to pay attention to the CRI (color rendering index). A number of 100 is ideal but hard to find. Anything more than 80 will allow people to see colors quite accurately. Finally, don't forget to set the color temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). The 2,700K lamp is roughly the same as a warm yellow light like an incandescent light bulb, and many clients choose it. Jumping to a 3,000K lamp makes the light whiter, staying warm, that's a good compromise. For home use, 3,500K is roughly as cool as I would recommend - great in closets, where you need accurate color matching when choosing clothes. 

Bathroom Lighting Can Be Chosen

Pendant lights

Pendant lights add to the warmth and depth of the room, can act as a focal point and complement most bathrooms, including stone, polished and matt. They can be grouped together or scattered to fit the style and lighting needs of your bathroom.

Pendants come in a variety of materials, including stone, glass, chrome, bamboo, metal and wood, so finding the perfect light to match your home decor should not be a problem.

Pay attention to the height where you hang your pendant - it's too low and they won't throw out enough light, are too high and might not look right. Find out what to consider when hanging a chandelier.

Spotlight Lighting

When placing both sides of the mirror, wall sconces are an effective lighting choice. They come in various designs and colors to suit the style of each bathroom.


This lamp pushes light directly downwards, which can create shadows on your face. Downlights do throw off a lot of light, so the best way to use them is to position them near the mirror and make sure the light is tilted to the mirror, helping to reflect light onto your face. This might also work to position the downlight around the side of the room rather than the center.


Skylight is an energy saving solution that leaves the daylight without compromising your privacy. They are not practical for multiple wall spaces or multi-level dwellings, but sky lights can be an option here. For hotter climates, the latest roof windows have curtains.

Vertical Neon Lights

Vertical fluorescent lamps are best positioned on both sides of the mirror to provide significant light without shading. Use a warm bulb for softer lighting or a white light bulb to create the lighting needed for precision.

Safety LightingBathroom

Bathroom lighting must comply with strict regulations so that it is safe to use in wet environments. A suite consists of various zones, depending on the distance to the water source, which determines the type of lighting permitted. Known as the IP (ingress protection) rating, the higher the rating, the more light is protected.

Each zone has a rating, starting at 0, which is closest to the water source, so the lighting must be immersion-proof. The outer zone is the area where there is no water. I recommend all bathroom lights at least IP44, even in the outer zone, but always consult with your electrician, and check the product description before buying. Look for lighting that is specifically designed to match the IP rating.

Consider IP Ratings

When planning a new suite, whether large or small, the space is divided into zones, each with its own safety rules. Each zone has an IP rating, which determines the level of protection from the required moisture and the type of lampholders allowed. All lights used in a bathroom environment, where proximity to water or steam are likely to occur, must have an IP rating.

Energy Saving Bathroom Lighting

While LED costs are more expensive, the lights last for up to 25 years and significantly reduce energy use. Look for built-in LEDs in mirrors, furniture, drawers, sanitary appliances and showers, available in various styles and with touch screen operations. In contemporary bathrooms, you can introduce LED lights that change color or LED rain showers.

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