Be inspired to warm up your interiors with 'Welcome Home'

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We usually like to share trendy collections from Hunting For George, because we continue to be inspired by the imagery of the lifestyle of their dreams - now not to say their merchandise is truly confusing but truly awesome!

This season is no different from 'Welcome Home' just a touchdown and according to what their character looks like, they have introduced a list of pictures that make you need to just sit back and die happily.

Shot in the incredibly changing Gas Regulating House in North Melbourne, they turned the warehouse into an urban forest displaying their sophisticated collection of household appliances, bedding and artwork.

The new textile from Hunting for George functions as a clean material consisting of linen, chambray, quilting, wool and leather based together with their natural cotton. With many hero collections, it is difficult to choose a favorite, but some that stand out are the Polar Quilt Cover Set with diagonal quilting, Sunday Wool Blankets made of 100% wool and the high-priced Leo Navy Leather Pillows, beautiful dark blue cushions made from leather with piping different.

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