Beautiful Farmhouse TV Stand Design Ideas And Decor

Farmhouse style is loved by many residential owners as one of the most popular interior concepts and ideas. The interior design which also requires the use of models and types of furniture or past furniture, offers a simple appearance of space, but still can look elegant and stylish.

In the architecture of a farmhouse is a design idea that emphasizes things that are more essential and functional, with the past form as its trademark.

While the furniture emphasizes the simple concept and medium size.

Farmhouse furniture prioritizes and prioritizes function and comfort in every design.

One furniture model that is often needed is a television table. This is a table that is usually present to complement the family room or even the bedroom.

TV tables fall into the category of concole tables which can have not only one function, but also several other functions.

TV table is not just a storage medium or television placement, it can also have many versatile storage shelves that can greatly help the small space in the house look more neat and very well organized.

Things that must be considered :


Make sure the room you are going to put the television on will not make the room feel crowded and crowded. Measure the room first, then make a list of plans for the items to be placed. You have to make sure there are still areas left so as not to make the room seem cramped.


Choose the color of the tv table that matches the interior theme that you present in the room. Make the harmony of colors. By adjusting the matching color, you will get a unity of theme and balance of the atmosphere. Use neutral or flashy colors that characterize the style of the farmhouse, such as white, brown, gray or beige.

Table Shape

As discussed earlier, you must adjust the shape of the table to the television that you will use. You can choose a rack that only functions as a TV stand or an elongated model that blends with the wall.

Decoration and Accessories

To make the television area look even sweeter, you can also present decorations and complementary accessories. For empty wall shelves, you can complete with additional vases and flowers, lamps or books. But do not put too much decoration, just show just enough.

TV box Shape box

The box shape is the most commonly found and used tv table. Box-shaped TV tables usually have many shelves consisting of several drawers. The drawers are generally in 2 rows and the television rack in the middle is open. To use this type of tv rack, put tv of various sizes and additional components such as DVD players or other consoles on the shelves available.

TV table plus display rack

The next television table is a type of display rack. With this type of table the size of the rack will be higher compared to other types. It appears in the form of boxes and coated with glass on the box, and can display many ornaments on the shelves.

The size of the table is a little high, making this TV table plus bookshelf have additional functions. You can put the television plus books or framed photos arranged in such a way. Careful and precise arrangement, can make the atmosphere of the room look more beautiful and attractive.

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