Best Entryway Table Ideas to Greet Guests in Style

best entryway table ideas to greet guests in style

As a good host of course we do not want guests who come to get a bad impression because the entryway arrangement is not neat. That's why we will share short tips on how to organize a minimalist entryway so that the look of the house becomes more attractive.

Hang a mirror on the wall that serves to spruce up makeup and makeup. Besides being able to add to the aesthetic value of the entryway, the existence of a mirror makes the entryway display look wider. You can also hang paintings instead of mirrors.

Use minimalist shelving or hanging racks to put your trinkets like your wallet or keys. Shelving which has a coat hanger (hook) in the area underneath is also very practical to use to hang your jacket and bag.

Give a simple bench that is useful as a seat when you want to take off your shoes before entering the lounge. You can also use a small chair that can be used as a temporary seat.

Add ornamental plants to bring out fresh nuances that can be placed on shelving or a minimalist design console table. Place a display or decorative sculpture to beautify the look of your console table.

Place a basket in the corner of the entryway room to store rather large objects such as pillows and scarves.

Coat hanger with a unique and minimalist design as well as a complement to your plain wall decor that can make your entryway more attractive.

The entryway is a view of the first time you enter a room, whether or not the entryway design reflects the dignity of the occupants, where this space is the first impression of a guest visiting your home.

If the sofa is the eye of the living room, then the console table at the entryway is the eye of the entire room of this entryway, so a good console table design will attract people's attention. However, furniture placed at the entryway is not only a console table but can also be a cabinet.

Elegant style

Console tables generally use metal or wooden frames with beautiful surface finishes, bringing a luxurious and classic atmosphere on the side of the entryway that can increase overall room ambiance.

Simple and lightweight

Is that simple? Something that is reduced is the complexity of life and rigidity in mind, where the cabinet is used in a special space, smaller and lighter compared to other furniture, the sleek cabinet legs support an elegant table, combined with elegant, beautiful, and classy colors.

Various colors

Compared to furniture in other rooms, the colors on the table or cabinet in the entryway are more varied and varied, such as solid wood, gray, beige, brown, coffee, and other colors that can create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Smooth Texture

Wood or metal material has a smooth texture, full, solid, smooth lines with classic black and white, metallic colors, coffee, brown and others that are full of luxury style.

“Floating” Shabby Chick Table With Round Mirror

best entryway table ideas to greet guests in style

Rustic Entryway Table With Baskets

rustic entrуwау tаblе with baskets

Natural Wood Entryway Table With Plants

nаturаl wооd entrуwау tаblе wіth plаntѕ

Bench-Style Entryway Table

bеnсh-ѕtуlе entryway table

Repainted Ikea Table

repainted ikea tаblе

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