Best Farmhouse Living Room Makeover Decor Ideas

Having a family gathering room that is comfortable and warm is certainly the dream of every householder. For this reason, it is not excessive to emphasize the arrangement of the living room. The choice and placement of furniture can influence the atmosphere you want to create. A living room that is crowded with furniture will make you stuffy and stuffy. Well, to provide a cozy atmosphere, you can apply a farmhouse or rustic style in the living room.

A house with a farmhouse appearance is usually synonymous with houses that do not leave a historical impression in the appearance of the furniture while rustic has a thick natural feel compared to other styles. Want to bring a rural feel to the house? Come on, apply collaboration with rustic farmhouse design in the living room as follows inspiration.

1. Rough and Unfinished

The "imperfect" element is perfect for use in farmhouse style living rooms. The terms "rough" or not refined are identical to describe the home decor of a farmhouse. You can include these unfinished elements or imperfections in the decoration of the living room. For example, displaying paint that seems to have peeled and not repainted, or using furniture made from wood that is not given the finishing. Each element deliberately displays its authenticity as is.

2. Domination of Wood Elements

The next way to present a farmhouse-style design at home, you can use wood as the main material for the floor or wall. Wood elements will give the impression of warm and comfortable, thus making the living room seem more homey. Although the costs required to use wood materials in the house are quite large, wood remains a favorite element to create a natural and luxurious impression at home.

3. Add Rock Elements

In addition to wood, the stones can also add a natural and cool impression to the room. The stone element is very appropriate to provide a balance of design from the use of dominant wood material. Both of these materials are able to give birth to a new atmosphere in a living room full of warmth. Also use stones as additional accents on some walls of the room.

4. Warm Color Sofa

It's incomplete if your living room doesn't have a comfortable sofa. To accentuate the impression of a farmhouse, complete the comfort of the living room with the presence of warm colored sofas such as white, gray, beige, or light brown. In addition, beautify your sofa with the addition of a similar pitched seat cushion. Also add a coffee table in the middle of the living room to complete the needs as a place to put food and drink, or additional decoration.

5. Floral Decoration

To beautify the farmhouse style living room, display some floral-themed decorations in several corners of the living room. You can choose live flowers or artificial flowers as a choice of decorative elements of the room. To add to the coolness of the room, you can add farmhouse-themed accessories from natural materials such as wooden or bamboo furniture, and hanging decorations with natural materials.

6. Farmhouse lights

The right lighting is very influential to create a farmhouse style living room. You can add a chandelier or wall lamp so that the living room looks warmer. Choose lamps with artistic designs or lamps that look old with original materials, such as wood without the finishing process.

Although traditional, the farmhouse living room can also be combined with a modern design, you know. The easiest way is to add some decorating furniture that reinforces the modern impression, such as a minimalist style lamp stand, a black leather sofa, or using the latest home electronic equipment such as a TV or refrigerator with the latest design.

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