Best White Bathroom Ideas

 best white bathroom ideas

Bathroom with shades of white is now becoming a trend. The white nuance in the bathroom gives the impression of elegance, bright and clean. In addition, the combination of white can have a powerful influence on the mind, eliminate visual and mental boredom, and provide space for relaxation.

From tiles, bathroom fixtures, dressing tables to accessories, a room filled with white will give the impression of comfort, calm and peace, be it traditional or modern style.

No matter how big your bathroom size is, the combination of shades of white can give light in and provide a joyful atmosphere like in a spa. Here are three ideas for organizing your bathroom with shades of white.

1. Traditional Style

You can arrange a tropical and relaxing bathroom by combining a variety of white colors that are perfect for relaxation. Marble floors provide a cool touch effect on warm toes after being exposed to the sun. Likewise, the walls are designed clean and have a visual texture. The touch of luxury spa-style increases with the use of a bathtub equipped with a shower that has been designed specifically feels like spending the day like in a spa in your own private space.

2. Glamorous style

Adding a shiny metallic accent to the all-white bathroom is the right way to enter a touch of luxury and sparkle. As in dressing, an easy way to get a luxurious look is to add accessories, in this case by combining silvery taps and lights like a candle holder with gold glitter in a glass cage. All with a brilliant white background make the bathroom look glamorous. A mirror with a thick frame and a hollow patterned sink into a focal point that binds all elements of the room beautifully.

3. Modern style

To give a modern impression on your white bathroom is to provide accessories with a contemporary design. You can put a shower and tub to soak. You can choose showers like rain, shower heads, bodysprays, and steam to provide an experience like a pampering spa. In a modern style white bathroom, the use of a large shower makes the room look more spacious and luxurious.

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