DIY Home Decor on A Budget Apartment Ideas

DIY Home Decor on A Budget Apartment Ideas

Living in a small apartment does not mean you can not style the room with good decoration. There are many things we can do to enhance your small apartment design. Not necessarily with an expensive budget we can arrange a small apartment to look more beautiful.
Maybe you can apply some small apartment design tips as below. Choose according to the design style you like.

Give the impression curved

Apartments are always square or rectangular in shape, to give a natural, strong impression, try adding a few curves to your small apartment decorating ideas. For example, place an oval rug or a round table. Also add some circular mirrors on the wall or some round point artwork.

Use light colors that are light

Using a bright color scheme will make your apartment look bigger and more open. Dark colors will only display the impression of cramped and narrow. If you live in a small space like a studio apartment, you definitely want to make it feel light and airy. You can achieve this effect by using bright colors.

Use curtains

The use of curtains is one of the big apartment decoration ideas to help a room that looks bigger. But this may also be placed in a small apartment. There are many ways to hang curtains. Try hanging it outside the window or using floor to ceiling curtains to create a wider illusion.

Adjust the scale of the furniture

How do you decorate an apartment according to size? Because small apartments don't provide space for large furniture, try using small pieces of furniture to make your apartment look bigger and more spacious.

Use a mirror and glass table

Try using a mirror and glass table to make the room feel more open. This is a fantastic little apartment decor idea on a limited budget. Mirror and glass table give the illusion of greater space.

Use murphy bed

Murphy bed (folding bed) can be one of the many ideas to expand apartment space, especially budget-type studio. When not in use during the day, you can position the folds to the wall. Just pull when you're ready to sleep and hide when you're awake.

Pay attention to the lighting of the lights

Use bright lights to create a warm and friendly feeling in a small apartment. By illuminating all corners of space, it will help your small space feel bigger and brighter. A dark room will feel small and narrow.

Determine the function of the room

By defining and defining the space of your apartment clearly, will make the room more neat and orderly. Position each room with a specific function. If you live in a studio and bedroom apartment and your living room is all in one room, trying to place your chair or sofa in front of your bed can provide a distinguishing position between the two areas.

Versatile furniture

Try buying items that can be used for many different things. This will help utilize every inch of your small apartment. The living room and bedroom are great places to use this kind of furniture.

The key here is to be creative using your furniture. It is important to remember the scale of your furniture according to the size of the apartment, otherwise the use of multi-function furniture will be in vain.

Vertical storage

Storage solution for narrow spaces is vertical position. You can use two bookshelves in a row to give the illusion of a built-in shelf unit. No problem placing the shelf until it touches to the ceiling of the room to give you more storage. But still make sure it remains easily accessible.

Tidy up the goods

Organizing things keeps things organized and uncluttered. Try storing cleaners, snacks, and other items in the pocket above the door hanger. This will help keep things organized Baskets and bins are also good organizers.

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