Elements of a Great Modern Country Kitchen

elements of a great modern country kitchen

Elements of a Great Modern Country Kitchen

Designed not only as a place or space for cooking, modern  country kitchens were deliberately created to meet aesthetic standards. Giving birth to a functional and visually attractive kitchen area. Unique kitchen design concept that combines  country elements with modern style elements.

This interesting combination not only results in a kitchen space that only relies on and prioritizes function, but also a very strong and adequate aesthetic touch. Looks so artistic with its attractive appearance.

Country values ​​plus elements and modern style elements appear in almost all spaces. Ranging from furniture, appliance, lamp models, chairs, tables, islands to accessories. Although the size of the room is not too ideal, or not too big, modern  country style kitchen can give birth to nuances and atmosphere that is completely different.

Maybe it's not something common to design a kitchen space by mixing  country and modern styles. But it is precisely from this announcement that a unique and unique atmosphere emerges.

Modern  country style kitchen design gives the impression of a balanced eclectic interior style. The layout of this room must have been thought of from the start, and by mixing the two seemingly contradictory elements, between  country and modern elements, made it look a little strange and unique at the same time.

Some homeowners usually design kitchens with only one choice of design style, be it  country style, modern style, contemporary or even industrial style. Or with an island or peninsula installation. It's rarely seen an eclectic kitchen model that combines two styles,  country and modern, especially one that truly has a visual balance. Even if there are, only  country accents above modern or vice versa, modern accents above  country styles.


Combining elements of  country decoration with a variety of modern equipment, minimalist wooden tables, patterned floors or a certain color palette, is the best way to look a room that is truly different and unique.

To design a kitchen space with a mixture of  country and modern styles, kitchen utensils, choice of paint colors, furniture choices, and floor installation are the details of space design to be considered. Combining  country and modern elements, it can be a little bit complicated, but it's worth the end result.

Characteristics of  country styles generally include firm wood materials, architectural details, and elegant furnishings. This style is very multifunctional, because when combined with other elements it will create a unique ang look.

One of the most important aspects in the concept of  country interiors is the silhouette, also called the line, from various kinds of furniture. Curved chairs and furniture pieces, is his trademark. Sometimes, antiques are also often integrated into this design style.

While modern design has characteristics that are also typical, which comes from the influence of the art movement. This model grew out of decorative art, especially Art Deco, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Modern interior styles peaked in the 1950s and 1960s. Designers and decorators often refer to and identify modern design as a "mid-century" style.

Designing the interior of the kitchen must be done carefully. How the best way to prioritize functions without reducing the aesthetic values ​​needed, requires careful and perfect planning and planning.

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