Favorite Farmhouse Feature

From the outside appearance, the farmhouse style house already gives the impression of comfort, but wait until we know the interiordesign of the farm house and other aspects, because it will definitely make us want to have a residence with this one style!

Farmhouse is a style of home that is inspired by the design and concept of residential built in the area of ​​farms or farms in America. Farm house style design tends to be simple because it carries a rural concept, which makes it a home with its own sensations that make it blend with nature. Not only the design element, because there are still many reasons that make a farmhouse style worthy of choosing.

 1. Minimalist Design

A house with a farmhouse style can be classified into a minimalist style house because of its simple shape and appearance. Your will not find many ornaments mounted on walls, floors, or ceilings. Focal points are generally charged to a window that can be selected with an attractive model, but still in accordance with the concept of a minimalist farmhouse. The choice of color in the interior design of the farmhouse also uses more white, gray, and also cream which makes the impression of minimalism becoming thicker.

2. Warm atmosphere

The warm atmosphere can be felt at home in the style of a farmhouse, by choosing an interior design that is dominated by the use of materials such as wood for floors, windows, or support poles. In cold winters, the placement of wood or stone fireplaces is a must in the interior design of a farmhouse. electric fireplace or artificial fireplace can be placed in one corner of the room so that the application of farmhouse style will look more leverage.

3. Natural impression

Initially, a farmhouse was a house built in a rural environment, close to fields, rice fields, or farms, which meant that a farmhouse was a house that was close to nature. To make it a residential unit that integrates with nature, natural materials such as stone and wood are widely used in some parts of the interior. In addition, the existence of large windows with green views such as parks or courtyards will also make the natural impression increasingly noticeable. To add a natural impression,  can also add village-style furniture made from wood which will surely make the room look more natural.

 4. Cost-Effective

The room that has a farmhouse interior design is designed with a minimalist concept, and does not use too much furniture or decoration. Of course, this will save money to buy furniture and decoration which generally makes us need to spend a lot of cost. In addition, the style of the farmhouse is also identical to the number of windows, which allows sunlight to enter and illuminate the room in the house easily, which will certainly save electricity expenditure in the morning until noon, because the room lights do not need to be turned on.

5. Cool atmosphere

The application of natural materials such as rocks on the walls and the presence of many windows, will make the room with a farmhouse style becomes cooler. A cool room with smooth air circulation will make the residents feel more comfortable to move and of course will further improve the quality of health. For the eyes, coolness can also be obtained by using village-style furniture such as chairs or tables made of rattan.

6. Clean impression

Due to the use of bright colors and minimal amount of furniture in the room, the presence of dust and dirt will be more easily detected. That way, the desire to always maintain the cleanliness of the house will be higher because it will appear uncomfortable to see a dirty house.

7. Unique Design

Even though it can be categorized as a house with a minimalist concept, the exterior and interior of a farm house style is more unique than a total minimalist concept home. Seeing the many references on the internet, farmhouse style houses can be easily mixed and matched with other styles without looking weird. For example, the interior design of a farm house will look very neat when juxtaposed with industrial-style furniture design.

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