Finding Bathroom Storage For A Small Difficult Bathroom

finding bathroom storage for a small difficult bathroom

Bathroom interiordesign that is clean and stylish may only be seen in magazines or design sites. However, it is not impossible to change your minimalist bathroom to be more stylish. The simplest way is to arrange a bathroom storage to be more presentable.

Shampoo bottles, piles of towels, hair dryers, to make up and shaving equipment sometimes become a source of problems that make the bathroom look unpleasant to the eye. For this reason, you need special tricks and tips so that the bathroom storage does not confuse the arrangement in it. Check out some of the following inspirations!

Save Toothbrush and Soap in a Beautiful Container

Designer Trevor Timson from Timson Home uses inexpensive glasses to keep the soap and toothbrush neat. Using this bathroom organization idea is as beautiful as its function. Bonus: no more soap scum on your beautiful bathroom vanity.

Put the Towel in the Reach of the Hand

Towels are an important component that sometimes fills your bathroom cabinet. Another option is to make the stairs a towel rack. In addition to beautifying and adding elements of decoration in the bathroom, these stairs usually don't take up much space.

Place the Basket Under the Sink Table

If the bottom of your sink is open, this is an opportunity for you to add sweeteners. Place a pretty basket at the bottom and function it as a storage area. You can choose baskets with various materials and models to suit the bathroom design.

Place the Table Beside the Sink

When interior designer Cassandra LaValle from Coco Kelley updated her bathroom, she cleverly added a table next to the sink due to the lack of storage area there. Important tips that you can also imitate is to put a tray on the table or the back of the toilet to store small items such as candles, perfume, or ornamental plants.

Create a Storage Rack with a Built-in System

The built-in rack in the wall gap is often the choice of many people who don't want to install additional shelves. You can do a similar way to avoid the impression of a mess because the shelf is directly integrated with the wall.

Choose Hangers with Unique Designs

For you lovers of tidiness, hangers can sometimes be a terrible scourge. Moreover, if the occupants of the house are undisciplined and often put things in a pile up there. Not only smells, these hangers sometimes become a source of mosquitoes and other insects. Try to choose a hanger with a unique design that can beautify the room. Besides being functional, you will feel sorry if you leave it covered in piles of towels and dirty clothes just like that.

If your shelf is open, add another storage box

Opened shelves or glass doors are helpful but can be a disaster. In addition to being a focal point, at the same time you also have to maintain neatness to keep it pleasing to the eye. Add wicker baskets or ceramic boxes to prevent your non-uniform bottles from being seen when people enter the bathroom. The arrangement becomes more neat and organized.

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