Inspiring Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

inspiring apartment living room decorating ideas

Do you have the desire to go to an apartment? And you are confused to give the best living room decoration touch? Designing the interior of a living room in an apartment can be a challenge.

To beautify the appearance of your living room and your living room, here we present the design of the Living Room, the design of a small living room, and the design of a luxurious living room for your new apartment.

Apartment Living Room Design

The living room is the center of a house. In this place a family chatting, chatting, watching TV together. In the Living Room, you can also place a work desk or playground for children. If you have a baby or small child it might be better to make a leather sofa, so it is young to clean when it's dirty. The white color does not matter if the furniture used has a material that is easy to clean. Soft carpet can be used in the living room if you and your family want to watch TV or relax while sleeping.

For a small living room in the apartment, special arrangements need to be made so that the living room does not become congested and feels comfortable for you as well as guests.

1. Use bright colors

Bright colors can reflect incoming light so that it gives the effect of a wider room. The black and white theme is also good to apply if you like these two colors. However, of course the white color must be more dominant.

2. Select legged sofa

Legged sofa will make the view flow so the room does not seem crowded. Choose a sofa with a slim model and avoid the newfangled model because it can block the view and the room looks 'full'. In addition, having a legged sofa will make it easier for you to clean the floor underneath.

3. Leave the room open

In designing a small living room, choose furniture that is low and avoid insulation. An open room will give a spacious impression so it is comfortable for the eyes. As a boundary between rooms, you can use a carpet to determine an area.

4. Plant or stick the TV to the wall

TV embedded in the wall will reduce the impression of cramped in a small living room. In addition, the living room looks elegant and minimalist with this arrangement.

5. Additional seats

At times we may receive excess guests, but lack of seating. For this reason, we need some additional chairs for this unexpected condition. Choose a chair that is tiny and can be stacked so it doesn't take up space.

6. Put the guest table and cupboard close together

Cabinets and guest tables are placed close together in addition to saving space, can also be multifunctional. You can use this cupboard as a place to put your things, while the table can be used also as a desk or desk.

7. Take advantage of every corner of the room

Room corners sometimes become neglected areas. In fact, the corner of the room can be used as a place to put additional chairs or shelves. To give a relaxed impression, you can also put a small sofa to relax in this place.

8. Use larger curtains

Install the curtain a few inches higher than the window instead of just above the window frame. This will make the window appear taller. If you attach the curtain hanger beyond the width of the window on both sides, this will also make the window appear larger. Large-looking windows will make a small living room look more spacious.

9. Adjust the color of the curtains with the wall

The color of the curtain that blends with the color of the wall will create the impression like there is no limit so that the room does not look cramped.

10. Use a hanging rack

Instead of using an ordinary rack or cupboard, attach a hanging rack to the wall. This hanging rack can be used to put your collection items. using a hanging rack will avoid the impression of tightness and make the room look more presentable and presentable.

11. Put the mirror glass

Mirror can also be a solution to make the room feel more spacious than it really is. You can attach a medium size mirror or a full body to one of the walls. It's best to place the mirror in a place opposite the window. The mirror will reflect the light it receives throughout the room.

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