Interior Decorating Ideas

interior decorating ideas

Having a small home interior design that is superbly designed and fantastically laid out is everyone's dream. However, people often misunderstand by stating that interior design is a waste of money because a small house does not really need an interior design that is too complicated. The fact is the opposite. You can always choose cheap, simple, yet charming interior design ideas without spending a lot of money and causing problems with your budget.

What is interiordesign?

Interior design is a process of space experience to find creative design solutions in creating functional spaces in interior environments that support the health, safety and well-being of the occupants and improve their quality of life.

Interior design includes various components such as conceptual development, sketching of ideas, spatial planning, site review, programming, research, communication with project stakeholders, construction management, and design implementation.

By complying with a variety of systematic and coordinated methods including research, analysis, and the integration of extensive skills and technical knowledge into the creative process, low-cost interior design can still integrate these components so that the needs and resources of clients are met to create an interior that meets project objectives.

Regardless of the style you will choose for your minimalist home interior design, this work will not be complete until you add a few accents and focal points that you want to highlight. For that, you can adopt all kinds of strategies. In fact, even with minimal costs you can still have a simple and original home interior design that is unique and original. Here are creative low-cost interior design solutions for living rooms and bedrooms that you can easily apply.

1. Color theory

The most difficult decision when arranging a small home interior design is what color is right for a room. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can do to change the look of a room to make it look fresher and be able to change mood. In addition to providing comfort and luxury in a room, neutral color walls such as light gray, beige, beige, etc. are best suited for every season. You can combine it with other colors in one room.

2. Dynamic nuance

Of course, colors are a very simple way to create pop styles. So, if you want to change the atmosphere in your home and make it more dynamic and vibrant, choose bold colors. Combine with furniture colors and come up with new ideas. Give a mixture of different shades and use different patterns and textures to make it stand out more.

3. Own creations of art

Another way to add some accents to simple home interior designs is to create your own work of art, even if it's just a simple sketch. This method will make the room feel more personal and intimate. You can add something that represents your personality in the decor of this room, for example by attaching a homemade mosaic pattern decoration or a colorful ottoman chair cover.

4. Patterned canvas

Make a special patterned canvas for display on the wall. You can use a cardboard template, freehand sketches, or something a little more artistic as in the picture below. Let your artistic talent speak.

5. Display collections

Sometimes a good way to save money is to use what you already have. So, you can arrange a simple minimalist home interior design by displaying your collection items, which can be anything from stamp collections to old coins and old books. Use console-type sticky shelves to display your collection.

6. Headboard solution

Not all bedrooms have the space needed for a headboard. In fact, if the room is big enough, headboards can be very expensive. However, the headboard not only implies comfort, but also about the style and effects it creates in the room. So, you can create that effect by using other methods that are more economical, for example by installing wall stickers or painting headboards in your own style.

7. Framed mirror

In addition to making the room look more spacious, a mirror has many functions in the room. Mirror is also a low-cost interior design solution and its flexibility allows the mirror to be used in almost any room. With a beautiful frame, the mirror can be a beautiful work of art.

8. ‘Mix’ but don't ‘match’

Pattern in general is a way to create a focal point in the room. Patterns are usually used in accents, but can also be mixed and used widely in simple home interior designs. For example, this bedroom has many patterns and colors. Although very different, this room interacts beautifully.
With the concept of the same mixed pattern, you can also create a new and fresh look in the interior design of your living room.

9. Make a family gallery

Another way to accentuate your personality in a simple minimalist home interior design is to display framed photos. For example, installing a special family gallery by displaying photos of all family members in the living room. You can also use the same idea for another room to make it more inviting and comfortable.

10. DIY Project

Sometimes you feel the need to change the decoration of your room and add something fresh and new. For cheap interior design, you don't need to buy new furniture, but can make it yourself creatively. In addition to feeling good about making your own hand from recycled furniture, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are an inexpensive way to decorate your room. Don't be afraid to experiment.

11. Pile a pillow

Interior design of your living room looks boring? There's nothing more comfortable than a stack of soft cushions on your couch. Collect pillows from those in your home and arrange them on your couch. Choose a pillow that has different patterns and shapes in various complementary colors for a look that is not harmonious, but dynamic.

12. Curtain accents

For interior design of small houses with low ceilings, this window treatment can be placed strategically. Make the room look taller by installing ceiling-high curtains.

In addition to choosing the right shade of curtains for the interior design of the living room, you can also decorate the curtains using scarves, belts, ribbons, etc., or other homemade accessories to enhance your curtains. For beauty, it doesn't need to be expensive, right?

13. Canopy

If your ceiling is low, install an old curtain or sheet that functions as a canopy. Look for fabric with the pattern or color you like and use curtain poles. Hanging curtains from the ceiling can also highlight the architectural value.

14. Displaying plates

Dishes with unique motifs and colors make the walls look fresher. Vary by size, color and texture. Put the most unique plate in the middle.

15. Stack of books

The main problem is that there are lots of stacks of books in your living room. Why not use your book collection as one of the simple interior design elements?

Stacks of books with brightly colored covers will certainly attract attention. Arrange books on a living room wall shelf. If the shelf is not tall enough or wide enough to hold your book collection, arrange it on a flat surface, such as a bench or table.

16. Natural beauty

Why spend a lot of money adding accents when you already have that natural beauty? Yup, for the interior design of your small home that has a natural style, there is no harm in exposing natural materials such as brick walls, concrete floors, brick walls, and so on. This combination of various materials creates natural texture and beauty. You can liven up the atmosphere by adding bright color sheets and pillowcases.

17. Creative texts

This is the right solution for inexpensive interior design on plain white walls. Adjust the treatment window with text. Print letters with your favorite fonts and attach frames to beautify them.

18. Add plants

Plants or flowers are one of the best ways to animate a room. Set plants in a unique flower vase for a new look.

So, now you can see that it doesn't cost much to create a minimalist home interior design that looks expensive. Just follow the tips and tricks above, then you can also have a charming interior design with a minimal budget.

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