My Apartment Bathroom Decor

My Apartment Bathroom Decor

Bathroom design must focus on the function, utilization, and safety aspects of its users. As a space that must exist in every residence, bathroom design must provide convenience in maintenance. A bathroom that is easily maintained will maintain cleanliness and not be a source of disease. In addition, a good bathroom design must also consider the aesthetic aspects.

Although in the form of a room, the bathroom area is generally divided into three types; wet bathroom, dry bathroom, and half dry bathroom. This division is based on the least amount of wet areas affected by splashes of water. Various design ideas can be applied to minimize wet areas and optimize the function and comfort in the bathroom. Then, how about a minimalist bathroom design that is functional as well as aesthetic and comfortable? Check out the answer in this article.

1. Minimalist BathroomDesign for Tiny Apartments

The size of a small apartment does not mean limitations in design. Creative ideas to create a comfortable minimalist bathroom can be poured through the selection of shapes, models of showers, toilets, bath tubs, cabinets, colors, and materials.

This tiny bathroom looks relieved and comfortable with the use of white color that reflects light and creates a clean impression. The toilet water tank and the bottom of the sink are inserted into the cabinet. The curved lines of the sink and the toilet are combined with the firm lines of the cabinet, creating a neat but not monotonous impression. Rows of ceramic walls with small black boxes forming horizontal lines that make the bathroom seem wider, while giving accent to the space.

2. Color Selection for Minimalist Bathroom Design

Color plays an important role in creating atmosphere in a room, including the bathroom. Collaborate bright and harmonious colors with contrasting colors to create attractive color games. Besides giving its own charm, contrasting colors can be a focal point that makes the bathroom seem more alive.

The tiny bathroom can look more spacious by utilizing white as the main color. Combine with bright colors and gradations in smaller sizes for a minimalist look that is chic and simple.

3. Minimalist All-White Bathroom Design

If you find it difficult to combine various colors and want a bathroom that looks clean and elegant, white is the solution. Simple but naturally natural, white presents a charming bathroom design. Even though it is a monochrome color, white is actually able to produce a creative design with accent appearance from the details of each element.

The dominance of white with glass elements makes the bathroom look bright and clean. Accents obtained from the lines forming the sink and cabinet boundaries.

4. Elegant Black and White Bathroom Design

The combination of black and white will appear elegant, especially if supported by the right lighting. Do not be afraid black presumption will make the bathroom look dirty and dull. Instead, reflections by black ceramic walls and floors will create an interesting silhouette.

Tiled floors with small modular motifs and rough texture make wet areas less slippery and safer. The elegant white toilet hanging on a black ceramic wall background.

The combination of black and white can look neat and unique with chess patterns on the floor, white toilet with black lid, black walls marking wet areas, and white walls marking the sink area.

5. Bathroom Design withGood Lighting

Every room with good lighting must visually make users comfortable. Good lighting does not have to be bright, but precisely according to space requirements.

Glazed ceramics with bright colors, especially white, can provide additional light reflection effects. If possible, design a window in the bathroom as a source of lighting and natural air ventilation. Aside from being lighting, windows also provide access to sunlight that kills germs. Choose the type and color of the right light according to the impression you want to display in the bathroom. But remember, the main purpose of lighting in the bathroom is to facilitate every activity carried out in it.

6. Tropical Minimalist Bathroom Design

The tropical minimalist style bathroom gives the impression of being unique, comfortable, and one with nature. The easiest way to create it is to use natural stone as the main element.

Combine natural stone motifs with natural stone for a natural tropical impression. Choose a unique shower model that resembles the flow of a waterfall. Place as little equipment as possible in the bathroom. The important thing is all needs are met but not excessive. Remember, the concept of minimalism means optimizing the function of every element in existence.

7. A Touch of Wood and Natural Stone for a Natural Bathroom Design

This time, a touch of wood and natural stone gives a natural look in a modern minimalist bathroom. Natural stone with a neater appearance and a touch of wood on a towel rack, as well as the presence of minimalist plants, strengthen the natural impression that gives comfort.

Wood motif does not need to really have to be wood. Wood motif ceramics, complete with the beauty of wood fiber, are now easily available on the market. Natural stone motifs with a rough texture that resembles a gravel arrangement are also easy to buy. Besides being chic and elegant, textured ceramics are also not slippery. Limit wet and dry areas with walls and glass doors to make the bathroom look more spacious.

Although the use of the bathroom is much shorter than in the bedroom, but the bathroom design needs to be considered. A good bathroom design must function optimally, with comfort that takes into account lighting, visual aspects, aesthetics, and safety.

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