New Architecture Trends for 2020 and 2021

new architecture trends for 2020 and 2021

The architectural trends for 2020 and 2021 have one thing in common: a commitment to sustainable development and sustainable architecture. Society in general develops towards environmental commitments and architectural trends, as social manifestations.

Use of recyclable materials, independent building. But there are more trends in architecture that we will share, here are some of them.

Industrialarchitectural style

Industrialarchitectural style initially penetrated European interior design and architecture due to the many former factory buildings that are no longer in use. In order not to be neglected, adjustments are made so that these buildings can be used as decent and comfortable dwellings. However, despite some adjustments, the original character of the building was intentionally not removed.

The colors used are usually monochromatic and seem masculine. Some materials used also tend to be rough, such as metal and steel which are deliberately exposed to show their character. The material used also uses recycled materials or industrial materials such as glass, iron, and aluminum that are processed in such a way that they can be made into attractive interior elements.

Furniture used tends to be without finishing and more shows the original color. Furniture made from wood is usually not painted, but only polished to anticipate termites. Furniture made of iron, aluminum, and stainless is also not painted at all, but is left as is as original material.

Smart Home

smart home

This is a trend that has begun to develop at this time. The smart home concept gives you the possibility to remotely monitor your home. This future design concept is the culmination of the transformation of household appliances. And not only that, the implications presented by modern technology-based elements also have no small impact on the idea of ​​interior design in general so that it offers greater comfort to its users.

The concept of open and multipurpose spaces

The concept of open space or open floor, or commonly also called open floor, had become a trend and was widely adapted in many contemporary residential models. The concept of design and architecture is also very commonly used in small houses because it can give a broad impression by combining several rooms into one large room, for example, can make your home appear more spacious.

The concept of open space is very fitting and appropriate for those who want a more relaxed atmosphere and are able to increase interaction between fellow residents.

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